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Monday, May 25, 2009

His very first concert

Recently the boy performed in his very first concert. He was in a dance. He was so excited about it, having seen his sister practising for her concert last year.

When he got onto the stage, I could see his eyes scanning the entire auditorium for us. *Scan scan scan. Scan scan scan*....... and then.... he saw us .... and he broke into the biggest smile ever! Then he waved at us. Hahaha. Fortunately he still remembered his dance steps after that.

For his participation, he received a balloon and a small gift pack (of food). He was sooooo happy.

This month my calander is marked full with dates for exams, school parties, concerts, Teacher's Day, collect report card Day, school trip etc. When you're a parent with school going kids, thats what your calander is going to look like. It seems as though almost every week there is something going on. If I don't mark my calander I will forget to get the kids cards to give to their teachers, make food for their parties and collect their report card etc.


  1. oh, what concert was it? As I know school will normally have concert at year end.

    Glad to know that he was so excited and happy.

  2. oh...so sweet he looked out for you all and waved!

    And the calendar....thanks for the headsup!


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