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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Home Science Experiment - Germinating Bean Seeds

Here's a little home science experiment that we did during the school holidays. Its a very simple but wonderful and exciting activity for young kids.

Here's what you need to germinate bean seeds:
  1. Green Bean Seeds
  2. Cotton Wool
  3. Container
Thats all! First you have to soak the green bean seeds. Then, all you have to do is place damp cotton wool into a container, sprinkle the green bean seeds on the cotton wool and place the container in a place with sunlight. Water your bean seeds everyday and watch it grow. Its amazing.

Growing bean seeds is a very simple activity to do with young kids. You don't need to have a lot of time to do it. All you need is 5 minutes each day to water the beans. Even the initial activity of setting it up takes just 5 minutes and young kids can do it themselves easily. Just make sure they don't eat the beans!

The kids love to water their "plants" and watch it grow overnight. Its also the best way to teach them about living things and plants and how plants need water and sunlight to grow.

At first I didn't have green beans so I got the kids to remove the seeds from my long beans. The enjoyed peeling the seeds from the long beans but they didn't work. So remember, only dried green beans. In the pictures featured below, the long bean seeds are the darker coloured ones. As you can see, they didn't grow at all.

Below, is our step by step or rather day to day pictures of our bean seeds germination process.

Germinating Bean Seeds - Day One

Germinating Bean Seeds - Day Two

Germinating Bean Seeds - Day Three

Germinating Bean Seeds - Day Four

Germinating Bean Seeds - Day Five

Germinating Bean Seeds - Day Six

Germinating Bean Seeds - Day Seven

You can do more fun Science Experiments at home with these Science Kits.


  1. I love science experiments. Can't wait for boyboy to be bigger and I can do some with him.

  2. wow...am happy to see the result.

  3. In the Science book for Primary 1, there is a question with pics showing beans in water, beans on dry/wet cotton and a few others. Of course Bea1 asked me for the right answer, told her we must do some experiment to know. She also asked her papa, he said "Well itdepends on type of beans ;)". Since I never heard they do that in school, looks like it is strictly for parents.
    Yeah...I was thinking the school holiday...but I popped the 5th baby too early. But with your experience, I guess don't have to wait for school break to do that. Thanks

  4. Ann,
    It'll be sooner than you know. They grow up so fast!

    Yah, we were amazed to see it grow almost overnight.

    Yes, no need to wait for school holidays. It takes very little effort to set up. :)

  5. Hi Mumsgather,
    I was looking for some images on germination process as my son has to do a 10 day observation project, when I came across this site. You have shared a wonderful way of showing seed germination. Thank you. :)

  6. How long do you have to soak the seeds?

  7. Thank you alot cos i had to do a 24 hours seed germination :)!!!

  8. very good site.helped me a lot for my science experiment

  9. Thank you so much! :) This really helped for my science experiment. :)


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