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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

School Holiday Frenzy

School holidays are a busy time for me. I actually have lots of backdated posts to do because I was sick. I wanted to write about the end of the first term, collecting report cards, exam results, the first school trip etc etc but its the school holidays and right now I am busy germinating beans, making ribbon rosettes, Father's Day cards and going through the school holiday homework with the kids.

Its only 2 weeks of holidays. We usually go out during the weekends so that leaves only 10 days for me to do stuff with the kids and they want to do so much! I want to do so much too. I want to help the kids improve on their languages. So I'm working on those lesson plans for English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese for the kids.

Its a busy, busy time for us for the next two weeks even though we're not going anywhere.


  1. well, good luck then for your 'kids-mom' vacation!
    have a great time:)

  2. Hope the holidays are a good mixture of fun and lessons - for you and the kids!

    Take care!

  3. henny,
    Only the kids have a vacation. Not mommy! Hahaha.

    I hope so too but I have to plan reaaaal hard to make it happen. Lol.


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