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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Men should learn from boys

The other day when I wore something other than my jeans and t-shirt and put on some make-up, the boy took a step back, then said "Wuah, so pretty mummy!" then he comes and gives me a big hug. It was so natural, so spontaneous. It came from his heart and he wasn't afraid to say it or show his love.

At night, he tries to snuggle close to me and when I tell him to go and sleep on his pillow he tells me "I like to sleep near you mah, so cozy...." and then he wraps himself around me like I am a big bolster.

However, one day, this little boy will grow up to become a man, and then gone will be his natural, spontaneous responses.

He will then be full of inhibitions and become shy like most men. Why is it so hard for men to show their emotions freely? They were not like that as boys.


  1. Yup, men should learn from boys.

    but you won't expect your man to be too expressive to anyone other than you right :p. It wouldn't be nice for a man to compliment a gal(non his partner) how beautiful she is.

    Probably man learn to be so reserve and not expressive, and unfortunately the same treatment use on their partners.

  2. Awww....so sweet !!! I think if he keeps on expressing emotions until he is quite old, then maybe he will be a gem among the other men! :)


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