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Monday, June 28, 2010

Report Card Day 2010

We had to wait more than an hour to collect the girl's report card. We spent most of that time touring the school with her because she is so happy to show us around. :) The teacher had a lot to say to the parents before us, spending as much as 30 minutes for some parents which is a good thing, I guess. Better to have a teacher who takes notice of the children in the class and has something to say about them than a teacher who couldn't care less and just want to give out the report card and get it out of the way.

The teacher didn't have much to say about my girl. I don't have very much to comment she said... which is a good thing too. Nothing to comment means good. :) She said, "Your girl is a very good girl. She likes to help me do my work, she is very conscientious about her own work. She has managed to maintain her good grades. She has no weak areas in her studies. She is a bit shy to volunteer for story telling, singing etc but that may just be her character and I have nothing much further to comment."

She also mentioned that my girl looks less focussed after the recent school holidays. We noted that it could be due to the medication that she has to take and reminded the teacher to inform us if she notices any more differences in her behaviour like this. That is it.

I reminded my girl that although she did very well in her grades, what is more important is teacher said she has been behaving very well and we are very pleased with her for her good behaviour. We gave her a treat and will be getting  her something to motivate and encourage her to keep up her good behaviour and good work.


  1. same..I waited for one hour too. Teacher also had nothing much to say about my girl, which is a good thing. Some has a lot to talk to the teacher, but there's also some that has not much coz they constantly keep in touch with the teacher.

  2. Yeah...I guess less said is better. Meaning they are not outstandingly difficult! hahahaha....

    Glad your girl is doing well. Can remember the time she first went to school.

  3. Mine's a very very brief one too. Myself have nothing to ask ...ambik report card, sign, chao.... On my way there, I tried very hard thinking what to ask...whatever I thought of, I answered myself...in the end, no question lor. Guess, I wasn't involved enough in the school activities...


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