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Monday, August 30, 2010

Blue and Yellow Colour Pencils

The kids each have a small box of colour pencils to bring to school. At home, we have a bigger multi coloured box which they can take from each time they run out of a certain colour from their school set. The problem is... they are always running out of blue and yellow so much so that the home set has no more blues and yellows.

Now, why hasn't anyone thought of selling just certain colours in a box. Why must it be the same old colours. If I were a coloured pencil box manufacturer, I would offer coloured pencils in various colours and sets to choose from. The first colour I would ditch are white and greys. Those almost never get used by the kids.

I want more blues, yellows and reds. Once I tried to find single coloured pencils. I was delighted to find them at an art store. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, each colour pencil cost almost as much as an entire box set!

I wonder how everyone else manages their colour pencils...


  1. hmm....what a predicament. I never really thought of this problem. Right now my son has TOO many colour pencils at home and 2-3 boxes unopen!

    Maybe no blue and yellow get them to use other colours?


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