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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Colour me Crazy!

The boy was absent from kindy for a week because he was sick. He had some sort of bacterial infection and had flu like symptoms, fever plus a full body rash.

What did that leave him with? Some leftover marks on his body and lots and lots of homework to catch up with. It is a bit ridiculous since he is only 6. I suppose it is good training for what is to come for him. Standard 1 in a Chinese Primary School.

I don't push him on his homework at all, letting him do it at his own pace. (Next year may be a bit different). The boy wants to do all his homework which involves drawing and colouring first.

Boy oh boy. That drives me crazy. Absolutely crazy as he colours each and everything soooo beautifully with intricate details and clever use of colours. One little shirt can end up with the colours of the rainbow. Help! I'm going to tear my hair out very soon!


  1. ooh, i know that feeling, my daughter also sometimes like that, rainbow colours for just one item....pening. Hope you and family are on the road to recovery with all the various illnesses.

  2. Haha...my daughter does that too, and i too tell her to finish her homework before she indulges in her colouring, though its soo natural for children to get drawn to colors rather than text until they start valuing the meaning in text.

  3. LOL !!! Well....my son now takes one colour and colours the WHOLE PAGE the same colour.

    But I know how you feel....esp when they have to do all that homework.


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