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Friday, January 28, 2011

School pressures

"You must get 20/20 for your essay, or else you have to copy the whole passage again."

My girl said her English teacher said this. Her partner, the girl who sits beside her got 19 1/2. She had to copy the entire passage again leading to extra homework to their already heavy work schedule.

"When you get back from Chinese New Year, I expect all of you to get 100% for your Chinese Spelling (ting seah) or I will chase you out the class. No excuses since you have so many days holidays for Chinese New Year."

My girl said her class teacher who also teaches them Chinese said this. Pity the kids. They can't even go for a Chinese New Year break without having to worry about school work. Chinese New Year break is only a week. Most of the children will be away, balik kampung somewhere. Where can they find the time to squeeze in some learning?

Right after that the first term exam is just around the corner. The pressure will get worse.

"Mummy, wuah... so much work. If absent one or two days finish lah. How to do? I cannot be sick."

"Mummy, don't know why teacher give work as though we are studying for test like that?"

Yes, don't know why.... but one thing I know. It is my job as a parent to make sure that they still get to play, rest and exercise despite their school pressures and heavy workload. That is one tough job!!!!


  1. My boy was unwell on the 1st week of school reopening, he had fever on and off but still he insisted to go to school for fear of the accumulative homework if he didn't. One part of me is happy that he's being responsible but another part of me screams, Hey, even during my working days, I can take a day or two sick leave when I'm sick, what more for a kid.. :(

  2. I can feel the stresss... poor girl...


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