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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paper Doll Creations

Making paper dolls is a fun activity for kids. You can make paper dolls from pieces of recycled paper. With a little creativity, kids can come up with wonderful paper doll creations. Of course it would be great if you  had glitters, colored pens and stickers to add to the fun. I remember buying a box set for making paper dolls  for my kids. They have been playing with it for a few years now.

The set comes with paper doll templates and cutouts, scissors, colored paper, stencils, stickers, markers, glue stick plus instructions everything included. It's a lovely paper doll art set. My kids love this paper doll activity kit. When they are free, we would sit down and make some paper dolls and use them as book marks. These paper dolls are fun to make.

Recently we had some children who came along with their parents to our home for a gathering. So we took out our paper doll creations set and asked them to create something. The children were happy and so were their parents. Let me show you some pictures of the paper doll creation set and the paper dolls created by the children. These are fun to make for a rainy day indoors and they make excellent book marks.

Paper Doll Activity Box
This is our Paper Doll Creation box set

Paper Doll Activity Set
The Paper Dolls box set comes with paper doll cutouts, stickers, stencils and colored paper

Paper Dolls
These are the paper dolls the kids created. They are so adorable.

Here are some other adorable paper doll creation kits for children 



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