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Friday, February 10, 2012

Where to find Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for kids

Image Credit: Domagron Novelty
Valentine's Day is fast approaching and for crafters this is the perfect time for creating crafts with kids. If you are naturally creative, you can come up with just about any craft you can at any time using everyday household items. However, if you are not that creative like me, you need some ideas. Don't worry there are plenty!

Here is one place where you can go to find Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for kids. It's none other than the Squidoo Monsterboards.

So, what is Squidoo? 
Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects of interest. To me, it is like a cross between a blog and a website. You get all the goodies and beauty of a website with the unique and constantly updated content of a blog.

What is the Squidoo Monsterboards?
It is a leaderboard featuring the best of Squidoo. Some are updated live hourly using an algorithmic. Others are based on ranking or editorially curated, handpicked and static showing the best of the best lenses on Squidoo on a particular subject. It is rather like a summary of the best lenses you can get for a specific topic.

For Valentine's Day I would recommend 4 Squidoo Monsterboards that you must visit.

1. Best of Squidoo - Valentine's Day Love Stories
2. 45 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
3. 40 Fabulous Valentine's Day Crafts
4. Best of Squidoo - Valentine's Day Treats 2012

40 Fabulous Valentine's Day Crafts is the site to visit for Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Kids and other Crafters alike. You will get plenty of ideas there for sure, from handmade Valentine's Day gifts to face painting ideas, ornament crafts, decorations, coloring pages, printables, knitting and crochet patterns for Valentine's Day and much more.

Though the monsterboard heading is 40 Fabulous Valentine's Day Crafts, it actually should read 40 Fabulous Valentine's Day Craft lenses for within each of the 40 featured Squidoo lenses, there are many more ideas, totalling much more than 40 craft ideas. The lenses are organized visually. You can view the headings by scrolling over the attractive pictures then head over to whatever Valentine's Day craft lens that interest you.

I am happy to say that two of my lenses are featured in the Valentine's Day Crafts Monsterboard while one lens is listed on the Valentine's Day Gift Ideas monsterboard. :)

If you are planning to make Valentine's Day crafts with kids, do head over to my Valentine's Day Craft Supplies for Kids Lens for some ideas on what you need for your crafts.

Happy Valentine's Day!



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