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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Home Science Experiment - Growing Plants From Stem Cuttings

One of the easiest and most fun home science experiments you can do with your kids is growing plants. Previously, we had done a home science experiment on Germinating Bean Seeds. I posted the images of our Bean Germinating experiment on this blog so that the kids can remember it better. Today, I am going to post up the images of our home science experiment on how to grow plants from stem cuttings. The girl is at the moment studying the various ways plants grows in school. One of the ways is through stem cuttings.

Here are the images of our plant grown from stem cuttings.

Day 1 (1st April 2012) - We stuck the stems into the soil

Day 3 (3rd April 2012) - The shoots are appearing from the stem!

Day 4 (4th April 2012) - You can see the leaves of the shoots opening up now from the stems

Day 4 (4th April 2012) - Close up view of the new leaves on the stem cuttings

Day 15 (15th April 2012) - By now almost every stem has new leaves growing from it

Day 22 (22nd April 2012) - The leaves are growing bigger now

Day 38 (8th May 2012) - The leaves look luscious now

Day 38 (8th May 2012) - Closer look of the almost fully grown leaves with more and more shoots and leaves appearing

Practical and Simple Home Science Experiments like growing plants from stem cuttings are easy to do and a wonderful way to teach kids about life and science. It will help them in their school work and they will remember it better too. 

Now, if I remember, I will post updates on how the fully grown plants look like. This plant is an edible and very tasty vegetable (Unfortunately, I don't know what it is called), so we will harvest it and eat it (yum yum) when it is fully grown. Then our experiment will be complete. We have harvested the same vegetable and cooked it in the past. You can see a picture of the cooked vegetable here. 


  1. i want to start our own vegetable growing too. how long to wait for fully grown to be edible? can i just buy from market and grow with the stems?

    1. Yes, you can. I bought mine from the supermarket, cut off the stems, stick them into soil as you see above and cooked the rest! However, to get enough for a plateful of vegetables too 6 months for me! That is because I don't have a nice patch of garden. Growing them in pots is slower. :)

  2. wah works on any veg that we buy from supermarket? Or only those like choi sum?

  3. Such a neat idea. I started some herbs from seed, however I might now give the stem idea a try. Thanks for your tips.


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