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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Homemade Teacher's Day Gift Ideas

First a very big thank you to the following online mommies Montesorri Mum, Chinnee, Sasha, Jaclyn and Melinda for allowing me to use their beautiful images and ideas for this post. In fact, it was their creative Homemade Teacher's Day Gift Ideas that gave inspiration to this post. :)

Here are the Homemade Teacher's Day Gift Ideas that inspired this post.

Homemade Teacher's Day Gift Ideas
Here's one from ChinNee who blogs at Demoments.net. Talk about creativity. These little colorful birds are amazing. Do you know what they are made of? They are made of Mama Patch Flannel Cloth Wipes.

Amazing isn't it? I think they are amazing, amazingly creative! They look so adorable. Add a little card with the words "Thank you, Teacher" and what have you  got? A beautiful and adorable Teacher's Day Gift that is lovely to look at as well as useful.

Homemade Teacher's Day Gift Ideas

These lovely paper quilling design bookmarks are perfect as a Homemade Teacher's Day Gift. They are simple, yet they look marvelous.

I just love how the string for the homemade bookmark for Teacher's Day completes the look. You can read how the Teacher called up to thank Elaine of Montessorimum.com the next day.

A simple but sweet homemade Teacher's Day Gift like this is always appreciated.

Homemade Teacher's Day Gift Ideas
Little Pots of plants whether real or artificial make a nice gift for Teachers on Teacher's Day. Look at how Sasha from Sashablablabla.com has decorated her little pots of plants with ribbons, butterflies and caterpillars.  It is beautiful isn't it?

You can include a message that says "Thank you, Teacher for helping me grow like this plant." or "I know I will continue to grow with you as my teacher."

Homemade Teacher's Day Gift Ideas
Here's another potted plant gift for Teacher, this time using real plants.

Just wrap the plant up in transparent paper, add a card and you are done. Quick and Lovely!

You can stick the card on into the pot, add some ribbons, or just slip the card in together with the plant. Anything goes. This gift will grow with teacher and Teacher can keep it for a long time. Image is with courtesy from Elizabeth Law.

Homemade Teacher's Day Gift Ideas
I tried to copy Montessorimum by making bookmarks for Teacher's Day this year. I figured that Teachers will always need bookmarks so it will be a useful gift for Teachers.

While, Montessorimum patiently folded her quilled flowers, mine was a quick job. I added some beads from my girl's bead box to give our Homemade bookmark for Teacher (link shows you how to make the bookmark) a little bit of blink blink.

We always keep a craft cupboard at home so crafts like this can be completed in 10 minutes flat.

Homemade Teacher's Day Gift Ideas

It would seem like I am always rushing. I am amazed at how Montessorimum with her 4 kids can find more time than me to make a paper quilling bookmark whereas I am so rushed, all I can manage are quick homemade cards like this one we did last year.

Last year, we did a pop-up Teacher's Day Card, also right at the very last minute as an appreciation gift for Teacher on Teacher's Day.

Homemade Teacher's Day Gift Ideas
When the kids were younger, we did more simple cards like this cut and paste flowers in a vase card. This Homemade Teacher's Day Card is really simple to make for little children.

All you need to do is cut out simple flower and leaf shapes, then get your child to paste the leaves and flowers in a hand drawn or cutout of a vase.

This Homemade Teacher's Day Card is suitable for young kids. Older kids can cut out their own shapes.

Homemade Teacher's Day Gift Ideas

You can also make crepe paper flowers and present these homemade flowers to teacher for Teacher's Day.

One year, that was exactly what we did. We made crepe paper flowers in various colors, then wrapped them up with transparent paper and tied them with colorful ribbons.

The homemade flowers for teachers looked as good as real flowers!

Homemade Teacher's Day Gift Ideas

Moms who are bakers can bake up a Teacher's Day gift like this clever mom, Jaclyn Lai. She has baked up boxes of cute Teacher's Day cupcakes.

Each box is decorated with a ribbon. It's all in the presentation.
You can bake these cupcakes as a gift for anyone, not just Teachers. Just package them nicely like how Jaclyn has done and it is the perfect homemade gift, not to mention, it's yummy too!

Teacher's Day Cupcakes
I really admire those mums who can bake. Cute cupcakes are the ultimate gift for any occasion. Just decorate them according to the theme for the occasion.

In this case, this mommy blogger from Family First Confections has created a wonderful and delicious way to say "Thank You" to Teacher for Teacher's Day.

I wish I could bake like that!
Homemade Teacher's Day Gift Ideas

Finally, even if your child is very young, you can still encourage them to make their own Teacher's Day card for Teacher.

Just provide them with pens, punched out shapes, glitters, stickers and anything else you can think of.

Then let your young child decorate his or her Homemade Teacher's Day gift.

Children's art are masterpieces and will always be loved by Teachers. Thank you so much, Melinda Low for sharing your child's masterpiece with us. Her 3 1/2 year old son made his first Teacher's Day Card all by himself. She only provided him with the materials.

No time to make your own? Then you might have to shop online for some last minute Teacher's Day Gifts.


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