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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mid Autumn Festival 2012

I am a little late with this post because I have been busy writing elsewhere. Today, I better write this down before I forget entirely. My memory is really poor. I am glad I have a blog to help me remember things. Quite often, I use the search tool on my own blog to help me search for events I want to remember!

This year, 2012 Mid Autumn Festival was on a Sunday. Since Monday was a school and work day, we decided to take the kids to the park to play with their lanterns and candles on Saturday night instead. We used their recycled lanterns which they have been having for a few years now. We have a pair which they have used for 2-3 years. Last year or two years ago, we bought them another pair, so now they each have two.

One boy who was wearing a Ben 10 T-shirt came over to look at my boy's Ben 10 lantern. "Ben-10!" he exclaimed. Later, he walked on by and pointed to his own lantern as if to say "I have one too." Kids are so innocent and cute. There weren't that many people at the park playing with their lanterns. My girl kept on saying that it would be better for us to go on Sunday, the actual day "then there will be lots of people and maybe I can meet some friends."

On Sunday, we drove by the park while we were out for an evening drive. To our surpirse, there was no one there, only one group of people playing. This was so different from the previous years when the whole park was lighted up by groups of young and old. I guess, being Sunday.... Still it was a sorry sight.

Anyway, the kids had their fun. The boy was the most excited, talking animatedly most of the time. He is only 8. She is 10. Soon, they won't want to play with childish lanterns anymore so I savoured the moment for yet another year. Their dad took them to walk round the whole park with their lanterns. They were happy. It was a bonding moment for them. They thought it was a great adventure to walk in the dark and keep the candles in their lanterns from being blown off by the wind. I am happy they have many bonding moments like this, dad and kids. I am happy that hubby is a family man who spends a lot of time with our young kids.


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