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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

4 Last Minute Halloween Crafts For Kids

If you are a procrastinator, you might just start to get a little worried right now. Halloween is just about a week away and you have not done any fun crafts with your kids. You had every intention to spend time with bonding with the little one and doing fun Halloween crafts together but as usual, you left it right to the very last minute....

Well, don't panic just yet. Here are 5 easy Halloween Craft Ideas for kids which you can do in a jiffy.

1. Quick And Easy Halloween Ghost Wind Sock

You make the Halloween Wind Sock Ghost with white paper, pen and tape. Just watch the video instructions. Its really easy and double up as a last minute Halloween Decoration as well.

2. Fast Paper Jack-O-Lanterns With A Twist

Paper Jack O Lanterns

Paper Jack-O-Lanterns uses the Chinese Paper Lantern craft with a twist. These are really easy to make and can be used as a last minute Halloween Decoration for your lawn too.

3. Last Minute Easy Pop-Up Halloween Card

This pop-up Halloween Card is really simple to make and can be done in quick easy steps. Go here for my step by step pictorial instructions on how to make a pop-up Halloween card. Mine features a witch but you can feature ghosts, pumpkins or anything else Halloween that your child likes to draw.

4. Halloween Coloring Fun And Last Minute Halloween Acitivty For Kids. 

When all else fails or when its really the very last minute, then try a coloring activity with kids. I love this Halloween Fun Activity Pack from which includes not only Halloween coloring but a Halloween matching game, Halloween candy sorting game too and the best part is... this Halloween printable is free!

While your child is happily coloring the Halloween coloring pages, you might just want to check out what is available for your last minute Halloween Decorations ideas here.

Updated: Originally written in 2012, I added the 5th Halloween Last Minute Easy Craft For Kids a blog post which I just wrote for 2014.

5. Kids Can Tangle Too - In Zentangle Inspired Halloween Themed Drawings For Kids 

Zentangle Inspired Art For Kids
Zentangle Inspired Art For Kids

Here is one very easy Halloween art kids of any age can do. Check out my 5 Zentangle Inspired Drawing For Kids Suggestions. They include the Halloween Hat, Halloween Bat, Pumpkin, Cat and Spider all done in Halloween Inspired Zentangle. These designs can be added onto a card, banner or any other Halloween craft. These are merely suggestions I came up with but you can do any other Halloween picture you like. Just draw the outline and tangle away.

Check out my Halloween Ideas Post here or read all about Themed Halloween Costume Ideas for everyone.

Below are some Halloween Craft Supplies And Craft Kits from Amazon for last minute crafters.

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