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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Interesting Groomsmen Gifts

I remember my husband had 3 groomsmen for our wedding. We didn't know very much about wedding customs then. We still don't know. For example, we don't know who many groomsmen is too many and how many groomsmen one should have. So, we just settled for 3. 3 who could actually make it for our wedding.

We didn't give the groomsmen any gifts. We just gave them angpows or red packets filled with money. Thinking back, I think we should have given the groomsmen some unique groomsmen gifts. It would have been memorable and fun to shop for them. They would serve as a very nice keepsakes for our wedding and would have been a  very nice touch.

However, at the time, we were so busy running around taking care of the venue for our wedding, taking our wedding photographs, getting our rings, wedding garments etc. There is so much to do for a wedding! I actually lost weight running around organizing our wedding.

We enjoyed all the things we had to do leading to our wedding. I think it is much more fun to do it ourselves rather than to leave it to a wedding organizer. However, next time anyone wants to plan and organize their own wedding, I would advise them not to forget interesting groomsmen gifts like we did.


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