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Friday, November 16, 2012

Motivation For Reading

One of the best gifts you can give a child is the gift of a lifetime love for reading and for books. It isn't really hard to achieve this. First, you must instill a love for books and an inner motivation for reading in the child. To do this, you have to love books yourself. Read often, to the child, or together. Visit bookshops instead of toy shops. Browse, read and buy books as gifts. The more the child is read to and the more the child sees you reading, the more interested they will be in books. Read daily, every night before sleep or in the afternoon before nap times or wherever and whenever your schedule permits.

Once the Common Core of the love for reading is achieved, you will then have given your child a gift for a lifetime. Books takes us to far away places we can otherwise never go. Books takes us through adventures, we see and learn so much from books. Read together or apart then talk about what you have read.

Read comics, story books, magazines, newspapers. It doesn't matter. Read from traditional paper books, read from the newer tablets or digital format books. As long as you are reading, the format does not matter either. This Christmas, why not give a child a book as a gift? Books are the best gift of all.


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