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Thursday, April 18, 2013

What Is Diftong And Vokal Berganding

Diftong dan Vokal Berganding
How do you teach your child something you do not understand yourself? Hmm.... you have to learn it of course.

My boy is in Std 3 and his Bahasa Malaysia syllabus include diftong, vokal berganding, digraf, konsonan berganding or bergabung or whatever those are. I didn't have to teach my girl, his older sister, that so that was fine.

I was first faced with this diftong and vokal berganding term the first time when my boy was in Std 1 or Std 2, I don't remember which year. I didn't understand it then. We just went through the books and memorised the words given that were supposed to be diftong or vokal berganding words. Naturally, when you memorize something without understanding, you forget, the next year and the next when you are faced with it again.

So, this year, I made an effort to "study" harder and finally we got it.

Both Diftong and Vokal Berganding are words that have the vowels "a e i o u" in them but how do you differentiate the two?

For example, the words "daun" and "wau" both have "au" (two vowels in them) so they are either diftong or vokal berganding. So which is which? Which one of the words is classified as diftong and which one vokal berganding?

The difference between the two comes in the form of pronunciation or the way you read the words. Words that have one syllable sound or satu sukukata when you read, are diftong and words with two syllable or dua sukukata are vokal berganding. So, do you know which is diftong and which is vokal berganding? Tell me in the comments. Or are you more confused now?

Try other words: tuan, koi, buah, tupai, gua, pulau, air, and more. Do you know which words are diftong and which words vokal berganding? Scroll down for the answer.

.... and I thought KSSR was easier....

The study of phonics is supposed to help children read but I think I have got it backwards instead. I read so that I can identify the phonics.

Here's more Diftong and Vokal Berganding Practise for the kids, the moms and the educators who are all a confused lot.

Perkataan diftong dan vokal berganding from Ooi Cad Li

Answer to above question: koi, tupai and pulau are Diftong. The others are Vokal Berganding. Did you guess correctly?

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  1. Having taught my eldest, BM the last three years, finally gave up and am sending her for tuition. This way my blood pressure and relationship with her is better.

    I still coach her but need to find a way to motivate her to study on her own since her younger sis needs my attention too.
    Has your daughter been studying on her own or did you slowly made her independent, would appreciate some pointers.

    1. My daughter studies independantly now. I sat and helped her in Std 1 and 2 but from Std 3 onwards she studies on her own. She is now in Std 5. However, having said that, I think each individual is different. My son who is in Std 3 now still needs very close supervision and help with his revision.

  2. Wah!!! So tough.. I also thought KSSR is easier..

    1. Actually, so far there is less homework and less test under kssr.

  3. Thanks for this! Now I can understand and help my daughter with her test!

  4. How to seperate the word pulau? Pu+lau ir pul+au? Tks


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