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Monday, September 23, 2013

Basic Craft Supplies for Kids - Ideas on What to Stock and Keep For Kids Crafts

If you child likes to do art and craft projects, I would suggest that you have the following available at all times. Keep them stocked and available and at a place where your child can reach easily. These will provide hours of fun on a rainy day or a cold day inside.

Craft Supplies for Kids Checklist - Stock these!

  1. Paper (Keep plain construction paper in different colors stocked up and get specialty papers in different designs for occassions. Crepe paper is great to have around too and so are transparent colored paper.)
  2. Glue (Basic and a must)
  3. Scissors (Can be normal scissors or craft scissors for cutting wiggley lines. Get blunt scissors for young children)
  4. Stickers (Very easy to use for young children)
  5. Rubber Stamps (Very easy to use for young children)
  6. Glitters (Glitter Glue or Glitter Pens. Pens are easier for younger kids)
  7. Ribbons (You can keep ribbons from hampers and recycle them for crafts)
  8. Craft Punch (Great ones to have are teddy bear and heart punch or border punch. Snowflakes are beautiful too)
  9. 3D Embellishments (These are like stickers. They are self adhesive and come in materials like felt, beads, lace, sequins and rhinestones. They are easy to use and lovely to look at. Not suitable for very young kids because of choking hazzards.
  10. Rulers (Basic)
  11. Erasers (Must Have)
  12. Color Pencils (Basic)
  13. Crayons or Color Pastels (Basic)
  14. Paints and Paintbrushes (Nice to have)
  15. Colored Pens (Should Have)
  16. Googly Eyes (are self adhesive and fun!)
  17. Pipe Cleaners (wonderful medium for crafts but be careful about sharp points)
  18. Colored Pom Poms (lovely for making 3D art or animal pom poms)
  19. Beads (Beads aren't just for necklaces and bracelets. They can be added to other craft projects too


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