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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Mind Mapping For Kids

Recently my girl was asked to draw several mind maps for her grade school assignment. She didn't know where to start so we searched online for mind mapping for kids and found some great articles and mind maps for kids. I especially liked the following ones. I think the are excellent to explain what are mind maps, the benefits of mind mapping, show some example mind maps and then try with some free printable mind mapping templates.

  1. From BrainTraining4kids.com by Tony Buzan we found a lovely mind map showing How To Mindmap For Primary School Kids. You can view the step by step process or see the actual mind mapping process as well. Excellent and easy for kids to understand and follow.
  2. I also like the picture of the left brain right brain here from drawmeanidea.com for explaining to kids why we mind map. The rest of the article is a bit heavy for children but the picture of the brain in this article is just right for explaining to kids the benefits of mind mapping and making use of both left and right brains for maximum learning impact.
  3. To see a sample mind map by kids, go here for some mind mapping samples for kids. I especially like the life cycle mind map. (You will have to scroll down a little to view it).
  4. Finally, your child can draw his or her first mind map either free hand or if you prefer you can download free mind map templates from My Mind Map.
I hope you enjoy this article and have fun mind mapping with your kids.


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