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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Packing List For Children Going To After School Care

As we move on towards 2016, many parents with kids going to primary school for the first time are preparing themselves for that big day when their child steps into "big school" for the first time. For working parents, who have to rely on transporters and after school daycare, there are many more things to think about and prepare for. 

In order to have a smooth first day of school and first month at school experience, it is good to be prepared and to have checklists for everything. We asked Little Oxford Daycare Centre to help us with a checklist for parents sending their children to an after or before school daycare centre for the first time.

Here is the recommended packing list of things to bring along to an after or before school daycare centre.

6 Essential Things You Need To Bring For Your Children Going To After School Care

1. Clothes 

Bring clothing for up to a week or more for your child so that they will have a fresh and clean set of clothes to change into in case it gets dirty or wet.

2. Toiletries

Many children have sensitive skin issues. If your child is one of them, don't forget to bring your own shampoo to prevent and allergic issues. The centre will provide shampoo but it is advisable to bring your own if your child is prone to allergies.

3. Comb

It is important to always keep children's hair neat and tidy, especially girls with long hair. For girls, you may like to add in their hair ties or hair band to keep them comfortable in our hot weather.

4. Plastic Bags or Recycle Bags

Don't forget to put in some extra plastic bags or recycle bags when you are packing the stuff your child will need for his or her after school daycare. This is to put dirty clothes for children to bring home.

5. Snacks

If your child is a fussy or picky eater, he or she may not finish the lunches provided. To play it safe, let them have a  bit of their favourite finger foods in a bag for a few days to see how they are coping up. Of course this is not something to be encouraged for long term, only during the early transition period.

6. Water Bottle

Last but not least, don't forget your child's water bottle or tumbler. Water is very important and children are encouraged to drink a lot of water at Little Oxford. So bring along a water bottle for us to keep track. If they forget or lose the bottle, we will use cups.

We hope this checklist will help busy parents in their planning. Enjoy your child's first day and the next stage in your parenting journey.

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