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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Fun-Printz Personalized Labels 2nd Year Anniversary Double Rewards

In November we wrote about Personalized Labels For Kids Malaysia from Fun-Printz. This month we would like to inform parents about the Fun-Printz Personalized Labels 2nd Year Anniversary Double Rewards. 

This is good news for parents who are planning for the school year 2016. Personalized labels is an item you would not want to miss out when organizing yourself for the school year ahead. It will save you a lot of headache and heartache.

For the whole month of December 2015, for purchases >RM100 of Fun Printz products, shoppers will get a free personalized Fun-Printz Luggage Tag and a second one free if you have an IKEA Family Card from their retail store in IPC Shopping Centre while those who purchase online will get a free personalized luggage tag and free shipping within Malaysia. Below are the exclusive designs for the complementary luggage tags. 

What Type Of Custom Labels Should I Buy?

We also want to tell you about the Fun-Printz value pack plus. These are great for those who cannot decide what type of labels to get because they come prepacked with different sizes and types of labels to fulfill all your labeling needs. You will get a total of 100 adhesive labels and 44 iron-on labels in different sizes including square labels, shoe labels, stick-on clothing labels as well as iron-on clothing labels. The value pack labels are waterproof 3M quality adhesive labels. 

...Choose the
Value Pack Plus Package
if you don't know what type of label
to buy...

Personalized Labels comes in different forms including stick-on or iron-on clothing labels, shoe labels, luggage tags etc. Choose the Value Pack Plus package if you don't know what type of labels to buy. In case you are wondering, the Value Pack Plus package is also entitled to the 2nd Anniversary promo by Fun-Printz this December 2015 so it is a good time to get this package

Details of the Value Pack Package:

Value Pack Plus - RM 169 (now with 2nd Anniversary Double bonus reward) 
Delivery for Value Pack Plus material : 7 working days. 

Value pack is waterproof which is equivalent to overseas brands. 
Hence  working days delivery lead time is required. 
So plan ahead and order early

Note: Fun-Printz also offers Fun/Mini Express Print labels which you can get on the spot or within 1-3 days for online orders.

What Is The Difference Between Stick-On Clothing Label and Iron-On Clothing Label?
You may notice that both types of labels are available in the value plus package. If you're asking yourself what is the difference between the stick-on clothing label and iron-on clothing label, here's the major differences.
Stick on Labels are good for...
  • Costumes
  • Swim wear
  • Wrinkle Jackets (Winter Jackets/Ski Jackets)
  • Hats
  • Foot wear
  • Bags
  • Any clothing item that cannot be ironed
Iron-On Labels are for day to day usage on materials that can be ironed. The labels can be used in a washing machine or dryer and can last up to a year with regular daily washes.

Personalized Labels comes in different forms including stick-on or iron-on clothing labels, shoe labels, luggage tags etc. 
Clever Ways To Use Your Personalized Labels

Here are some clever uses for the adhesive stick on labels. In the picture collage below, you can see stick on labels on a bag or pouch made of materials that cannot be ironed but requires hand wash, stick on clothing label for swim wear. Stick them on the inside label to prevent mix up after swimming classes.

Another good idea is to use the S size waterproof labels for sports. Swimming goggles is a good example. In some private and international schools, swimming is part of the curriculum. Labeling your googles this way will prevent loss or mix ups. You can also use waterproof labels on skates, knee pads and just about any other of your kids stuff that needs labeling. Just use your creativity.

Clever ways to use personalized waterproof adhesive stick on name labels

Important Tips For Using Iron-On Labels

Video On How To Apply Iron-On Labels From Fun-Printz

Have you ever wondered why your iron-on labels hang loosely or come off while others who use the same labels lasts for years?

The important thing to do is to follow the instructions that come with the labels. These labels often come with instructions. Make sure you read and follow them. 

To ensure your iron-on labels stick well and last long you must
  • Turn your iron on cotton heat
  • Do not use steamer or water
  • Preheat surface for 10 to 20 seconds
  • Make sure your iron-on labels stick well. If not, reheat the surface and iron again
  • Finally cover with a handkerchief or light cotton cloth and press iron for 25 to 45 seconds
Do this and you will have long lasting labels. Some labels come with extras for you to try. You can use the trial pieces before you start working on your labels. Fun-Printz provides trial pieces for you to tryout when you order online and retail. You can also request for a tryout at their retail store at Ikano Power Centre (in front of Popular book shop).

Happy Labeling!

This is an advertorial by Fun-Printz
No. 2, Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, 
Selangor, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 
Tel:+60 12-233 9008


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