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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Free Printable January 2016 Calendar

Our free printable January 2016 Calendar is out. Site members can now go to our Free Printables For Members only to print out their calendars.

This time we chose a balloon theme for the calendar to celebrate the new year. 2016 is on its way. Time flies!

The calendar is in pastel colors of cyan (a blue green shade) and pink. Our favourite colours as you will see on our Mumsgather Finds website header.

For those starting school in January 2016, now is the time to circle that exciting starting school date and talk to your child about it. Make it a  positive no tears event by talking about it positively.

Plan for the school year ahead with your child by printing out this calendar and pasting it on his desk or the wall just above his desk. This will encourage and teach your child to be time aware and more organized. Encourage him to mark down important dates on the calendar starting with the first day of school.


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