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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Free Printable 2017 School Time Table For Kids

Members can click on the image above to download the free pdf time table
It's getting nearer to the new school year 2017. Time really does fly. In the blink of an eye the year-end holidays 2016 is almost over. Those with children going to Standard 1 or Form 1 will soon be attending orientation days or just recently attended one. In no time at all, the new school session will begin. Kids will soon receive their new time-tables and they have to start getting used to their new school routines.

I used to create time tables for my kids when they were younger. They were in A4 size so they wouldn't misplace them. I would print one copy for them to put in their school bags and another copy for pasting on or above their study tables. In this manner, I always have a point of reference for them and for me.

Last year, I created a free printable school time table for kids for the members of our parenting platform which comprise our website, blog and FB groups. It was very popular and useful so I am making a new one for the year 2017. The time table is created using Microsoft publisher software with clip art from the software.

Members can click here to login and download this free printable 2017 blank school time table for kids now.

I hope you find it useful. You can print it out now for use in the next 1 or 2 weeks or bookmark this page for use in the next two weeks. To make the time-tables last longer, you can either laminate it or do as I did. I would print out the time-table, cut out a hard cover page from a recycled magazine or old unused book, then wrap it up using transparent plastic book wrapper and tadaaa I had a time-table that lasted all year round of "abuse" from being taken in and out of bags.

Tip: Hold back on the wrapping part for the time being because in the early part of the term, there may be some changes here and there. However, if there are major changes, you can always print out the blank time table and make a new one! 


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