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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ergonomically Correct School Bags For Kids

What Is Ergonomics And Why Kids School Bags Should Be Ergonomically Correct

Ergonomics is the science of  refining the design of a product for optimal human use. Characteristics such as the user's weight and proportions are considered. These days ergonomics design for school bags are essential because children carry heavy bags daily for years. If heavy school bags are not properly designed or adjusted, children using them may suffer from bodily fatigue, stress and even injury.

Besides textbooks and several exercise books for each subject, children are required to carry many workbooks to school as well. In addition, they have their lunch boxes, water tumblers, art materials, gym outfits and more to fit into their school bags. That is why more and more parents are now opting for ergonomically correct school bags for kids.

Where To Buy Ergonomically Designed Bags For Kids In Malaysia

One of the places to buy ergonomically correct bags or spine protection school bags is Dr. Kong. Dr. Kong Malaysia is well known for their healthy shoes and foot care products. Established since 1999, they are dedicated in developing functional foot and spine health products including their pressure free chirobag. This spine protection bag is designed to reduce the pressure from the neck, shoulder and back.

Dr. Kong's Back To School 2017 Promotion
Parents, you can now get Dr. Kong's spine protection bags at a discount during their back to school 2017 promotion period which runs from 15 December 2016 to 15 January 2017. You get 15% off your first product, 20% off the second, 30% off the third and beyond. T & C applies. You can view their bag selections here
Besides bags, the promotion extends to their shoe products as well as shown below.

Where To Find Dr. Kong in Malaysia

Check out the chart of Dr. Kong's outlets in Malaysia below to find a Dr. Kong outlet near you.

You can also find them online here:


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