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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Free Christmas Themed Colouring Pages For Kids, Teens And Adults

I didn't realize that we are so close to Christmas because I have been busy working. I work online so sometimes working equals to surfing. It was while surfing that I came across this wonderful free Christmas Themed Colouring Pages For Kids, Teens and Adults. No, actually it is not merely colouring pages but a whole free downloadable holiday colouring book with 92 pages of Christmas themed art! The paperback copy is available on Amazon for $11.49 but you get to download the ebook for free. 

I downloaded a copy for myself and was delighted to find so many different styles of Christmas themed colouring pages. You will find Santa, Reindeers, Christmas Trees, Ornaments, Quotes, Snowmen, Christmas Wreaths, Angels, Gingerbread Houses, Christmas Doodles, and more. The illustration styles from participating Art Licensing Show Artists are varied and the designs suitable for everyone who loves colouring from kids to adults. 

Here's the download link for this free Christmas Themed Colouring Book. Enjoy! I'm off to colour my Merry Christmas Wreath now.

92 Free Coloring Pages


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