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Thursday, April 05, 2018

English Language Classes For Secondary School Students

Malaysian school children have to learn two sometimes three languages in school. Due to time constraints, one of the languages may get pushed to the back burner till you realize that your child is  weak in the language and need extra help.

For SK, SJKC or SJKT students, quite often the language that gets pushed to the back burner is the English language. The realization that children need extra help usually happens around age 11 to 14. This is the transition period from primary to secondary school.

During the primary school years, many children concentrate on BM, Chinese or Tamil to help them get through all the other lessons in school. However, during the secondary school years, many parents realize it is time to move the focus on to the English language.

Parents know the importance of learning English and many have plans to send their children to DLP schools. DLP Schools are Dual Language Programme schools where Science and Math are taught in English. Some have the intention of sending their kids to private, international or alternative learning centres for their secondary school  education for increased exposure in English. This is to prepare their children for further education, college, university and beyond in the working world where English competency is crucial.

English enrichment centres like the British council help expose preteens and teens to the enjoyment of learning English in a different learning environment.

The English language courses for kids and teens aged 13 to 17 help children to speak and write more confidently in English. This prepares them to do better in school. Children who are moving on to International schools can join the IGCSE Preparation or Secondary Plus classes.

You do not have to worry about whether your child can adapt to the new learning environment or whether they can catch up with their peers (some of which have been taking extra English lessons all through their primary school years). This is because your child will take an entrance exam to determine the class that best suits their learning level. Now you can even book online for the entrance exam. It is never too late to start learning English. If your child did not have the time to learn English well in primary school, they can improve their English in secondary school.



  1. Developing a reading habit is very important.It ensures that one remains a learner for life. If cultivated early in life you will find that as one begins to read regularly in that language one's vocabulary and confidence to use it increases. In our school we encourage every child to read at least 10 pages a day from books of their choice. I have been with the school for 8 years and have seen firsthand how it can help. Please encourage your children to read.


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