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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Learning English Resources For Parents, Kids And Teens

If you think the British Council Malaysia website is only for those who are taking English language courses at the British Council, then you are wrong. It is also an excellent place to find English learning resources for parents, kids and teens. These resources are very well organized so it is easy for you to search for the information you want and they are free!

Here's what you can find the learn English resources from British Council. You will find

  • Learning English Apps
  • Learning English For Kids resources
  • Learning English for Teens resources
  • Learning English With Football resources 
There are plenty of videos, games, printables, worksheets, songs and parents guides available.

1. Learning English Apps include videos, phonics stories, learning time resources, grammar, vocabulary and more. Below is a screenshot of what you will find for the British Council apps. You can find the link to this on the right side bar of the learn English resources page from British Council.

2. Learn English For Kids resources is excellent for parents and young kids with plenty of activities, fun and games, things to make and do, listen and watch while you learn to read and write, speak and spell or learn English grammar and vocabulary. Here is a screenshot of the resources you will find for the Learn English for Kids Resources. Hit the orange button on the right side bar to get to this page. You can even sign up for a newsletter which sends you thematic learn English resources on current topics.

3. Learn English for teens is similar to Learn English for Kids resources but tailored for older children. They include exam study tips and resources to help your teens improve on their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Of course, you will also find videos and exercises on grammar and vocabulary to help teens who are learning English.

4. Learn English With Football is fun for the father and son who loves football to learn English while learning about football and have more opportunities to bond. Football based content help learners improve their English learning skills while enjoying a sport they love at the same time. The link to this is called Premier Skills English. Look for the purple banner on the British Council Malaysia site.

You can find the links to the above resources from the  British Council Malaysia learn English page. British Council has been in Malaysia since 1934. You can learn English at the British Council online or take face-to-face lessons at their teaching centers  The British Council produces and provides unparalleled access to English language learning materialsAt the centres, your child will have more resources available to them while being guided by native English speaking teachers. Their progress will be monitored via internationally recognized proficiency tests. The Young Learners' term is currently open for registration.

This post was brought to you by British Council Malaysia.

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