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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Starting School Tip: Label Your School Supplies

Starting School Shopping

We've got a healthy discussion going on in our FB group on back to school shopping for school uniforms, shoes and bags. Once we have got those out of the way, we will move on to the next stage, stocking up on school supplies. If your child is just starting school, we recommend that you hold back on that really cute design stationery that costs a bomb. As many parents will tell you, during the first year of school, many of these items get misplaced or lost very frequently!

When planning your starting school shopping, don't forget the little details. 

One important detail is labeling. One of the ways to protect your child's stuff and your sanity is to label them with personalized name labels. Most schools have a lost and found cabinet or someone in charge of lost and found items. You can easily retrieve your items if your child's name is clearly labelled on it.

Labels also help to avoid confusion, especially when children carry the same colour and design for bags, tumblers, pencil cases and more. With a name label, your child can easily recognize their own stuff. Clothing and shoe labels also help your child to differentiate their school and extra curricular uniforms, sports or gym wear, shoes,  hats and more from those of their classmates or school mates.

Where to find personalized name labels in Malaysia?

Moms and dads, you can check out the online sticker and labels store Fun Printz. They have labels in various sizes and shapes in cute, colourful designs which you can personalize for your child.

How to choose your labels

The labels at Fun Printz come in many shapes and sizes. So many shapes, which one do you choose? Here's a rough guide.

S-Size Labels

Choose S or small size labels for small items like pencils, swimming goggles, sports rackets etc.

M- Medium Size Labels

If your child goes to an after school daycare, it is important to label his or her items to prevent mix-ups. You can use the M Size labels to label school supplies like pencil cases, colour pencil case, crayons case, water colour sets and palette, water tumblers, food containers, sports equipment and other items headed towards the daycare centre.

L- Large Size Labels

The L or Large size labels are perfect for bigger items like school bags, homework bags and arts and crafts file or bag.

Shape Labels

Shape labels come in various cute shapes and designs. They are for the kid who likes fun things with an identity. It is also easier to recognize from afar. Younger kids in P1 or P2 will probably enjoy these stickers.

Shoe Labels

Just as its name suggest, these labels are made for shoes. Why do you need shoe labels? You would not believe how many shoes get mixed up when the children remove it to go to the library, the prayer room etc. Not only do the waterproof shoe labels prevent mix up, they also help your little one keep each foot in the right shoe.

Square Labels

Square labels is an option you can use to stick onto your child's water tumbler, food container, mobiles and more.

Iron-On Labels

Iron-on labels are good for school essentials made of fabric like school uniforms, socks and day-care clothes. Iron on your child's personalized name labels to make sure the clothes and uniforms your child has to change in and out of is never misplaced.

Other Sizes

Other size labels include mini labels and fun labels.

Value Packs

Not sure which to pick? Choose the Value Pack or Value Pack Plus which comes in an assortment of labels in various sizes all personalized for you.

The Value Pack is RM159

The Value Pack Plus with Iron On Labels is RM179

Fun-Printz Labels are waterproof, machine washable and dryer friendly. They are also dishwasher and microwave oven safe. So you can wash your clothing and school supplies as you normally do without worrying about the labels coming off.

School Holiday Promotion

Free shipping for purchases above RM100. No promo quote required.
10% discount on all labels including iron on labels.
Value Pack = RM159
Value Pack + Iron On Labels = RM179

Visit Fun Printz for further details.

This post was brought to you by Fun Printz

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