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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Back To School 2020 Promotions

Have you started your back to school shopping for 2020 yet? The school holidays may have just started but its not too early to start now as many retailers have started their back to school promotions.

Here's a quick look at some of the back to school shopping promotions from local retailers.

1. Back to School promo from Aeon Big (8 Nov - 31 Dec 2019)

There's a 20% discount for school uniforms from unform brands like Canggie, U-Cemerlang, MNK, Unggul and WHH School Classic Attire at Aeon Big. Note also that white shoes are now going cheap with just one more year to go before it is totally phased out in 2021. You can buy 2 pairs of white shoes for RM20 whereas a black pair starts from RM27 per pair. School bags are colourful and there is a big range from RM10.90 to RM188!

Download full Catalogue here: AEON Big Back To School National Catalogue

2. Back to School at Aeon until 5 Jan 2020

Aeon Retail sells Alpha Kids and Canggih brands of uniforms. You can find just about anything including short sleeve shirts, long sleeve blue shirts, long pants, short pants, pinafores, baju melayu at various prices. You can also find J-Kids brand of inner clothing for boys and girls. Bags selection are around RM39 to RM169 and mostly black shoes sold.

Besides uniforms, shoes and bags, you will need stationery, food containers, water tumblers. Do view the catalogue before you go shopping and circle some items that you have in mind to make shopping more organized and faster.

Download the full catalogue here: AEON Back To School Buying Guide

3. Parkson Back To School Exclusives


Uniform brands at parkson include Parkson School Shop and Canggih. Shoe brands include Bata, Pallas, Barbie and Hot Wheels. There are plenty of gift ideas for the little ones with coordinated bags and school stationery with famous cartoon characters.

Download the full catalogue here: Parkson Back To School Exclusives

4. Tesco School Shop (14 Nov - 4 Dec 2019)

A Star and Canggih uniform brands can be found at Tesco. Bag prices range from RM20 to RM200. As with the others, white shoes are going cheap. Note that the back to school promotion at Tesco ends on 4 December 2019.

Download the full catalogue here: Tesco School Shop - Beli Terus Senyum

Hope this compilation helps readers. Always be prepared with a list before you go shopping. Downloading the catalogue to compare prices is a quick way to do research before you spend. Circling the items you would like to get makes your back to school shopping more efficient without too much browsing and lingering around. The cashier lines can get rather long around this time of the year with holiday shopping as well.

Happy Shopping!


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