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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Oxford Fajar English Dictionaries

In our previous post on When to Use a Monolingual or Bilingual Dictionary, we explored the differences between a monolingual and bilingual dictionary and when a student should use either one of them. We also talked about age appropriate dictionaries for students in our first post on What Dictionary To Buy For My Child?

In this post, we will zoom in on monolingual English Dictionaries by Oxford Fajar Malaysia. As we mentioned in our earlier post, it is important to get an age appropriate dictionary because the dictionary is specifically written with an understanding of where students are in their development, and entries in the dictionary include the kind of language they will understand and can relate to.

Here are two best selling English dictionary for students from Oxford Fajar

For Primary School Students - Oxford Essential Dictionary

The Oxford Essential Dictionary is suitable for primary school students. With Oxford 2000 keywords showing the most important words to learn, words and phrases are explained in an easy language.

It includes 400 illustrations to help explain the more difficult words, 500 notes on spelling, grammar and speaking, 1,000 synonyms and opposites and 120 pronunciation boxes aimed at helping students avoid mistakes, learn new words and say them correctly.

It comes with a  CD-ROM containing the full dictionary, Picture Dictionary, exercises, language games, Oxford Genie and NEW iGuide, an interactive tutorial to help students explore dictionary entries.

For Secondary School Students - Oxford Student's Dicionary

The Oxford Student's Dictionary is suitable for secondary school students. With Oxford 3000 keywords showing the most important words to learn, the Academic Word List are clearly marked.
Collocations and thesaurus boxes help to expand student's vocabulary.

It includes 48 study pages to support student's academic writing and a guide to common areas.

There is also a bilingual word list for Science and Mathematics terms which is useful for learners to use English to study other subjects.

As with the Oxford Essential Dictionary, it comes with a CD-ROM
with Oxford Genie, iGuide, Exercises and Videos

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This post was brought to you by Oxford Fajar Malaysia


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