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Monday, January 17, 2022

e.LT’s International English: Learn English Effectively for Smoother Back-to-School Transition


Children who are proficient in English can communicate efficiently, helping them to perform better at school and even secure a job in the future. But worldwide school closures – coupled with limited social interactions – impede their language development.

As schools reopen in March 2022, children with poor language skills in English may experience low confidence in going back to school. At e.LT, we can help.

Our International English programme caters to students with various proficiency levels. This fully online programme incorporates the award-winning Link & Think Methodology and delivers comprehensive lessons through fun, simple and effective activities.

Our English modules are designed based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) standard to ensure quality education. Our lessons focus on enhancing children’s language skills in 4 aspects: reading, writing, listening and grammar skills.

Further, our classes incorporate 21st century learning skills to prompt children to think creatively and critically while developing strong communication and collaborative skills.

Course options

Phonics bridging programme:

Learn the basics of letter sounds, sound blending, phonetic and spelling rules to read individual words and short sentences. This programme also covers grammar and writing foundations.

Global level modules:

Improve reading, writing, listening and grammar skills through modules that are aligned to the CEFR standard. 

To learn more about our programme, visit https://elt-education.com.

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