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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

How to help your child speak English with confidence?


Many Malaysian children have to learn several languages at once with higher emphasis on BM, Chinese or Tamil in national and vernacular schools.

In an environment where English is not the main language of communication and minimal opportunity given to practice speaking in English, children worry about making mistakes when they talk and getting laughed at by their peers. They become shy, afraid and do not speak English with confidence.

What parents can do to improve their child's English-speaking skill?

1.Encourage your child to read.

English storybooks teach readers how to show emotions, express ideas and tell a story. The more they read, the more exposed they will be to how English is used today.

2.Don't interrupt when your child is speaking.

Let them finish their sentence, then say the word or sentence correctly and encourage them to repeat.

3.Practice speaking skills in a fully English-speaking environment

This is the fastest way to learn a language. If you do not speak English at home and your child is attending SK, SJKC or SJKT where the focus is not English, you can enrol your child in English enrichment programmes to give them an environment to practice speaking English confidently with their peers.

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