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Monday, May 23, 2022

How I Managed To Afford 20 Private Tutors For My Child

 Guest Post by Amy Tan, parent of Lucy, aged 8 and user of AskBee 

Around April of this year, my 8 year old daughter, Lucy began not just struggling with her studies but losing interest altogether. Her teachers also mentioned that her confidence was steadily dropping in class. The teacher’s advice to me? “It’s simple really. You & your husband just need to sit down with her for 30 mins to an hour a day and help her out with her homework.” It took every ounce of restraint in me not to yell out “Easier said than done!” I had a full time job, 3 other children under the age of 6, a household to maintain and elderly in laws to care for as well. Mothers out there, you know what I'm talking about!

I needed to outsource this task to the best & quick! One-to-one tuition was the most effective way to help my daughter but the cost & hassle that came with a new commitment was holding me back. Also if she needed help outside of her tuition hours, this would bring us back to square one!

Thankfully a friend of mine introduced me to AskBee and it turned out to be exactly what we were looking for!

AskBee is an innovative education app that has over 500 expert tutors onboard. Both Lucy and I then took some time to scroll through some of the tutors profiles to find out more about them. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the majority of the tutors were current or former school teachers or tutors. Lucy immediately liked a couple of them and added them to her Favourite Tutor pool.

I sat next to Lucy when she had her first session. Lucy was warmly greeted by the tutor and was told that she could either take a picture of the question and send it through, or type it out in the chat box. 

Lucy then told the tutor what she was confused with and the tutor proceeded to assist her without giving her the answer directly - which I appreciated!

One of my biggest initial worries was if this app was truly Homework HELP or if it was just a quick way for students to get the answers to their homework from tutors. So this really was reassuring to see!

I continued to sit by Lucy’s side over the next few days whenever she used the app. Here’s what I observed -

PROS: None of the tutors pressured Lucy to turn on her camera or microphone when she did not want to. They truly let her move at her own pace and comfort which I know she appreciated.

CONS: There were a couple of minor issues of course - A handful of sessions either did not get picked up or got dropped because of WiFi issues. This can be resolved by settling any WiFi issue with our Internet Service Provider.

Once Lucy was done with her sessions, she would continue to add tutors that she really liked to her Favourite Tutor pool. It wasn’t long before we filled up 20 of the slots in the Favourite Tutor pool! Moving forward, whenever she would ask for help, priority was given to her Favourite Tutor pool.

Both my daughter’s grades and confidence have never been higher. Whenever she sits down with her homework or revision, she knows she can reach out to any of her favourite 20 tutors for help no matter the day or time. As for me and my husband, we’re able to go about our day knowing that our child is getting all the help she needs from expert tutors without us having to break the bank.

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This post was brought to you by AskBee. 

AskBee is an app that helps primary and secondary school students to learn better, by providing them with live, on-demand access to a personal tutor. As the first online tutoring platform to offer an in-app video call feature, AskBee enables students to get one-on-one, real-time guidance from qualified tutors. Just like in real life – or possibly better.

Video below shows AskBee in action!


“My husband and I can finally focus on our work these days as my daughter knows how to get on the app & request for a tutor whenever she needs help with her revision and worksheets. Where has this app been all along?”

Yen Pik Liew (Parent of Valerie Ho, age 12)


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