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Monday, March 18, 2024

Ministry of Education's Curriculum Intervention - What You Need To Know

This morning, the Minister of Education, YB Fadhlina Sidek held a special press conference to announce a curriculum intervention initiative to deal with the issue of student dropout.z

The Ministry of Education acknowledges and addresses concerns regarding the perceived complexity of the curriculum, its suitability for the age group of students, the difficulty in understanding Classroom Assessment reporting (PBD), and the lack of access for parents to PBD reports. In response, the ministry has implemented four intervention initiatives.

1. Revision of the KSSR Alignment Document (2017 Revised) Edition 3.
2. Early Detection of Literacy and Numeracy Challenges.
3. Introduction of Parent-Friendly Classroom Assessment (PBD) Reporting.
4. Upgrading of the KSSR Alignment Document (2017 Revised) Edition 3.

 Let's delve into the details of these changes and their potential impact:

1. Revision of the KSSR Alignment Document (2017 Revised) Edition 3

What you need to know:

This is NOT a change of syllabus or curriculum. The change of syllabus will take place in 2027 starting for Std 1 and Form 1 students. KSSR is a an acronym for Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (translated to Malaysia Primary School Standard Curriculum) and has been in place since 2011. In the year 2017 after the first batch of students completed their primary school, the KSSR was reviewed and revised with new textbooks. The next change will be in 2027.

What has changed:
The ministry has introduced the latest edition of the KSSR Alignment Document, which focuses on realigning the Phase One Science and Mathematics subjects. (Phase One =  Tahap 1 or Standard 1 to Standard 3). This document provides teachers with updated guidelines for implementing the lower school curriculum, ensuring that the content remains relevant and effective.

In short, this is a tweak, update and reorganization of the existing content for the Math and Science curriculum with support materials for teachers. The KSSR Alignment Document (Semakan 2017) Edition 3 is provided as an option to teachers in implementing the lower school curriculum and may be used together with the Stage One Science and Mathematics Guidance Module. Parents need not worry about getting new textbooks.

2. Early Detection of Literacy and Numeracy Challenges

What you need to know:

A crucial aspect of the intervention involves assessing the literacy and numeracy skills of Year One students. The aim is to identify students who have not yet mastered the skills of reading, writing and calculating and provide them with early intervention

What to expect:
After 3 months of schooling, educators will conduct screenings to identify students in need of additional support in developing fundamental skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. (or 3M ie Membaca, Menulis dan Mengira).  This will be done through the existing  PBD (Pentaksiran Bilik Darjah or Classroom Based Assessment). 

3. Parent-Friendly PBD Reporting (PBD)

What you need to know:

KPM has introduced a more parent-friendly reporting for PBD to provide parents with better insights into their child's progress. Additionally, PBD reporting can now be accessed online through the Integrated Assessment Management System (or SPPB ie Sistem Pengurusan Pentaksiran Bersepadu), with effect from the current academic year 2024/2025. Login to the SPPB here: https://idme.moe.gov.my/login

What this means:
PBD reporting will be simplified and made available online. To enhance parent understanding of the reports, UASA results for all subjects will now be in percentages and grades format  instead of the previous TP (Tahap Penguasaan) format. UASA is short for Ujian Akhir Semester Akademik. (End of Academic Semester Examination). Read more about UASA here

4. Upgrading of the KSSR Alignment Document (2017 Revised) Edition 3

To ensure effective implementation, KPM is committed to upgrading the KSSR Alignment Document through workshops and training sessions for teachers.

What this means:
This is related to Item 1 above. Item 1 will be disseminated to teachers through workshops and training sessions. By equipping educators with the necessary tools and resources, the ministry aims to enhance instructional practices and elevate learning outcomes in Phase One Science and Mathematics subjects.

These initiatives aim to streamline the curriculum, facilitate early identification of literacy and numeracy issues, enhance reporting mechanisms for parents, and ensure educators are equipped with updated guidelines for effective teaching. 

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