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Friday, January 28, 2005

Girl's Guide for Valentine's Day

Last Valentine's, Mr MG told me that his colleague was very stressed out. Dunno how to make his girlfriend happy during Valentine's Day. He was coached by his girlfriend to tell their mutual friends that they had gone for a lovely dinner and followed by a fireworks show or something to that effect. (Wah! Like dat oso got!) They did go out for dinner somewhere but obviously it wasn't good enough for Ms Kiasu.

I think Valentine's Day has become way, way too commercialised (as everything else). Ridiculously priced flowers and food. Choke! Gulp! I guess only the young and naive will fall for this commercial trap. So ladies, here's my two cents on how you should approach Valentine's Day.

If you're single and have no date
Don't pine, whine and groan. Enjoy yourself with your girlfriends or in solitude. Love yourself. Thats the best Valentine gift you can give yourself.

If you have a new man trying to impress you
Enjoy! Let him spend the ridiculous money but don't forget to frame the card and dry the flowers for keepsakes. Thats probably the last time you will receive flowers and cards from him (It happened to me!)

If you're going out with a steady boyfriend
Don't fight about why he doesn't love you anymore because you don't celebrate Valentine's Day the way you did when you first met. Valentine's Day breakup is very common because of the ridiculous pressures both parties put on each other on that one so called day to declare love. (Almost as ridiculous as the flowers and food prices)

If you're married without kids
Don't do any housework or cook for a week prior to V day. Then on V day tidy up a bit and cook a simple meal. Hubby will be a happy man and feel very loved. (Pssst. Men! They don't know how to appreciate something until its not there).

If you're married with kids
Valentine's Day? Whats that???!!!

Warning to all girls: Go read Michael Ooi's Valentines Day 2005 blog. Thats what men really think of Valentine's Day.

(Mike put up a disclaimer on his blog to keep the girls from reading so its a free for all there. Someone said "Thanks to your disclaimer in this entry, no women will be reading this :P. You know how women like to gossip and such and everyone women wants their man to be better than the others hence to me I feel v-day is more like whos man is more romantic (in this case most ripped off). Just to meet society's standard koz nobody wants to be the black sheep, its apparently uncool. We men just pay the price. ")

Haha. But they should have known that girls being kpc, sibuk and gossipy will read even more with a disclaimer like that!


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