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Monday, January 24, 2005

My New Boss

Hmm... Haven't written to my old friend for some time. Think I'll draft a letter to her here.

Dear Old Friend,

How have you been? Sorry I haven't written for so long but I've been rather busy. Have I told you that I have left ABC Corporation? I am now working with XYZ Home Enterprises. My new bosses are a bit of a slave driver. Thats why I haven't had time to write.

I don't have any annual leave but I work flexi-hours (this means that I have to be flexible enough to be on call 24/7). Heck! Most days I don't even have a lunch break, not to mention coffee break but not to worry, when I get too hungry, sometimes I sneak into the pantry to cook some Mee Maggi Curry. (But if the bosses finds out, I usually have to eat it cold).

Sometimes during office hours, I "curi-curi" blog (like now, "shhh...." better not tell my bosses or else....) My bosses won't fire me but they may yell at me and pull my hair. (Sometimes my bosses can be physically abusive.)

Did I tell you that I'm working for two bosses? Yes, thats right. Its probably because I'm good at multi-tasking and time management, thats why.

I would really love to write to you some more but I've got to go now because my bosses require a diaper change and a nap RIGHT NOW! Got to run! Take care and keep in touch ok?


P.S. I may complain sometimes but I love my new job and thats why I don't mind working so hard. My bosses are really fun people who make my days worthwhile. Sometimes they make me smile for no reason at all and they add a lot of fun and laughter to my world. I'm also learning a lot of new things and virtues from them, ......... patience, unconditional love..... (Oops Sorry, I really got to run now. Boss calling!)

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