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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Toddler's Favorites Folder

On our home PC we have the links bar for the common links to websites that Mr & Mrs MG visits. Then we have our own Favorites Folder. Mr MG's folder is very neat with a few selected websites organised into subfolders. MG has subfolders too but her Favorites list is a mile long. Anything that grabs my attention at that particular moment gets sent there. And sometimes I forget to delete long after they cease to become favorites but I will do a once in a blue moon housekeeping.

And then theres toddler. Now toddler has her own Favorites Folder too. I'm going to put all toddler's favorite links here for my easy reference and I would recommend parents of toddlers to check out this sites with their toddlers. They will love them. Afterall, they are tried and tested by a toddler.

Learning ABCs

Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama - An animated Elmo (of Sesame Street) will tell toddler what alphabet it is when she presses the letters on the keyboard. At first I sat next to toddler and pressed them for her but after a few runs I left her to play on her own and was surprised that she could recognise most of the alphabets. I think its the visuals that helped.

Learn to read at Starfall - This one has great animated alphabets too but requires adult help because need to use the mouse.


There are many lovely online interactive stories for children of various ages (the links are found on my sidebar) but these few stories are toddler's personal favorites:

Jack & the Beanstalk - This one is MG's favourite too because it can tell the whole story without having to click the mouse at every page.

The Shop of Colours - Toddler likes this one because its really colourful and MG likes it because it teaches toddler about colours in such a fun way.

The Three Bears, The Lion and The Mouse, Jingle Jungle Monkey - Wonderful animated stories but needs adult to help toddler to turn the page with a click of the mouse unless you have an older child who can do it on their own.

Stories with themes - There are many themed stories and games here and toddler hasn't finished testing them out.

Songs and Nursery Rhymes:

Children's Songs - This site has a very comprehensive list of children's songs together with the lyrics too for those who cannot remember the lyrics.

Nursery Rhymes - Wonderful animated nursery ryhmes can be found here (almost all the nursery rhymes that one can think of and more). You will need to click on the words "nursery rhymes" (not "Old English Nursery Rhymes") somewhere in the passage/paragraph to access the rhymes.

The Wheels of the Bus - This one has a little bit of a twist to this common kids song but toddler likes it. Its supposed to be sung my Mad Donna. (See the twist?)

All About the Orchestra - Great stuff here for kids to learn about musical instruments. MG learned quite a few things too!


Tub Time - Toddler can pop the bubble by pressing the spacebar and various animals will appear. Press the little yellow ducky after you go to the link to enter this game for toddler.

Snuffy's Magic Garden - Toddler gets to move the mouse around to water the garden and plant some flowers. Initially she could not do it but now she can manipulate the mouse around the screen very well. It teaches hand/eye coordination plus it has beautiful animated flowers growing.

Clifford Peek-A-Boo puppy and Pet Clifford - Toddler likes these because the characters from her book has come to life.

Lets Take Care of Baby - Toddler gets to play mummy here to feed, dress and take baby out to play.

I've put all this links here for my own convenience but parents with toddlers and pre-schoolers are encouraged to visit the websites to try them out (Your kids will love them and you but you must sit and play with them alright?)

Disclaimer from MG:
Please don't come after me if your keyboard, mouse or computer hangs ok???!! (This is likely to happen if you get lazy and leave your child to bang on the keyboard and mouse on their own)
And if you can't blog because your toddler is fighting with you over the PC, don't look for me, look for your toddler.

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