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Monday, October 17, 2005

Grocery Shopping

One of the things that I really appreciate about Mr MG is:


You hear that husbands out there? Faster go help your wife today! kekekeke. And wives, if your hubby helps, don't give him a sour face for rushing you, don't shoo him away and make him feel like he's not of any help (even if he isn't), just smile and praise him for his good work to encourage more. hehehe. Though I must admit that sometimes when we are in a rush, I forget to thank hubby and forget to be appreciative. Instead I may show a sour face when he rushes me or we may argue at the checkout counter over some minor this and that. Poor hubby!

Not only does he help me with it, he helps me perfect it. How? Well, I'm those forgetful, dilly dally, no plans or impromptu type of person. So if left to it, I'll probably dilly dally at the supermarket, buy unnecessary items or forget to buy essentials. But my dear hubby helps me with the planning and the buying and I really appreciate that very much and whats more, he's usually patient when I dilly dally. Haha.

With two young children, its not advisable to dilly dally. With two young kids, our grocery list has grown a mile long, the rubbish we generate daily from our house is tremendous and our dirty laundry basket is always full but thats another story.

Now, we have the perfect system for grocery shopping, thanks to Mr MG. Its his system actually. He is the systematic one, me well.... when I was younger, my girlfriends used to call me Ms Kelam Kabut. Need I say more? We do our shopping systematically and quite fast. Mr MG will take a trolley and one of the kids and me another trolley and another kid and we go separate ways then meet at the cashier. I will buy the fresh foodstuff while Mr MG buys the tissue, diapers, milk etc. (The dear man actually keeps track of whats running low at home better than me.) Sometimes we meet halfway and exchange kids so they won't get bored.

Usually we shop at the end of our outing after we have spend some time at the bookshop and window shopping. So by then the kids are quite fretty, tired and bored. Can't be helped as we don't have time to go out just for grocery shopping alone and we can't stop at the supermarket first because of the fresh meats we buy. Before the kids, we used to shop at the wet market. We would walk there together and hubby would help me carry the vegetables. Ah..... he's such a sweetie.

To me, thats the best advantage of not having a maid. An involved husband and father to the kids and can even have family fun at the supermarket. I know Mr MG enjoys pointing out the different foods at the supermarket to our Girl and he loves to tease them by putting cold cans of drinks next to their faces and say "Cold!". Sometimes he tries to tease me too but I run away! Now, if I had a maid, I'd probably have to shop with the maid or let the maid do the shopping and miss out on all that fun.


  1. what more can i say? you are very lucky. appreciate each other.

  2. hahah... I'm sure you are the envy of many housewifes!

  3. awwww, thats a very nice tribute for ur beloved husband. sometimes they also need to be appreciated publicly :)

  4. *ahem
    I also help with shopping by pushing my son around while my wife takes her own sweet time to choose... sigh!

  5. MG... come... we hi-5, again!
    totally agree with the no-maid reason, really the hubby will help a lot more :P. and they have to hahaha...

  6. siao cha bor, will try to remember to appreciate more and complain less. hehehe.

    dg, only housewifes???

    ely, too bad he doesn't read my blog. Hahaha.

    egghead, wait till you have 2 or 3 to push around. ;)

    maria, High 5!

  7. Mine annoys the hell out of me 'cos he will ask, "Got check expiry date or not? Got check Made in where or not? Would Tesco be cheaper? Isn't this on Sale at Giant? Check price or not?" I prefer to grocery shopping with my kids alone 'cos I just dump everything into the trolley. Abuden, my kids arms are muscled enuff to help me lug the bags.

  8. heheh... I mean...whether working or not, we are still housewifes during weekends mah... ok, maybe should change to all wifes!

  9. Lucky you, hubby so involved. Mine hardly goes grocery shopping with me. Even if he does, it is not by choice. It is more likely that we are in a shopping mall and we happen to see the supermarket. And most of the time, it's me who has to dash in to grab something. and King will be standing OUTSIDE, waiting like a tour bus! Which is why I prefer to go on my own, even without the kids. Then I can take my own sweet time..

  10. 5xmom, yah! yah! Mine oso asks, "you got check expiry date or not?"

    dg ;)

    king's wife, ....waiting like a tour bus or like a king? hehehe. Sometimes I like to go on my own too but must be without the kids, then can take own sweet time like you said.

  11. way to go MG! one more thing to add to my list of "how life changes when you have a kid(s)" :

    - Apart from multitasking which is no. 1 in the list, we're more systematic, organized and proactive (have to think in advance!)...cause you gotta admit, we gotta plan our day/outing around of kid(s) and ensure that by the end of the day/outing, that it works out for everyone!

    Thumbs up MG!

  12. Aww. Dang, it's one of those posts that make people melt, yet jealous, again! I wonder if my future wife'll appreciate me like that too... heh.

    I do help my parents with grocery shopping, tho... (and go around picking my fav foods) ;p

  13. I do grocry shopping with my wife too. The more exciting part is where I teach Little O all the names of the fruits!

  14. Lucky MG. Ya...we have to remember to appreciate them, thank them and pat them if need to. hehe...;)

    Got maid also can train hubby to help one. Allyfeel a bit MKY. (Mu Kam Guan), I ask him to carry when maid not around, must make use of him also. hihihihi...

  15. Wow, very organised indeed.

    My hubby isn't bad either. Since he finishes work earlier and didn't have to pick Zara up, he will do the groceries shopping from the supermarket after work. But I have to tell him what to get (not like your Mr MG). We still go to the wet market weekly, Zara will be carried by him in the sling. I will go to the wet section to get meat and fish, while he brings Zara to get fruits. Then we meet up to buy vege together.
    We have a maid, but family outing normally excludes her (since it's FAMILY OUTING). :P

  16. simple things we somtime take for granted... prolly too much noise around us, what more with kids around distracting us, but at times when we quieten down... very clear that simple things do make us so proud of our spouses hor :)

  17. Wah sounds so romantic both of you. When my DH comes along, he is the one usually buy things not on the list and we end up spending more money. But I enjoy the company too.

  18. Heh, usually my mom does the grocerry shopping. But my dad goes to the market to buy meats, veges and etc. :P How's that?

    Heh, I dun like to go shopping with my mum though. Take way too long and will keep on ask for discount. -_-"

  19. what a great hubby you have! mine will accompany me shopping to carry my baby. well, as usual he will rush me coz if not i'll sure buy the unnessasary.

  20. dinah, "we're more systematic, organized and proactive" - High 5!

    narrowband, I'm sure. I'm sure. You sound like a nice, sensitive young man. :) BTW, I prefer the coffee cup banner wor.

    orion, I'm sure you enjoy pointing out the fruits as much as Little O does naming them!

    allyfeel, but when got maid, got more excuse not to help. hehehe.

    zara'a mama, I don't think Mr MG ever shopped for groceries before all his life, until he had to go on his own when I was in confinement after the first kid. Hahaha.

    sue, its the simple things in life that makes us happy so we better learn to appreciate them and not take them for granted, yes?

    Ai Lian, So you're the systematic one?

    Jason, wah your dad very gerng lah. Mr MG does not go to the wet market alone becos he does not know the difference between an onion and a garlic.

    miche, I like browsing too but I certainly appreciate the time it saves us to go to the same supermarket everytime (so that we're familiar with the aisle and save even more time!) and buy roughly the same item each week. :)

  21. mg, wah, so gentlemanlah your husband.

  22. Wow..! so nice.. of Mr MG..! ya... i donch appreciate Papa Bok too.. i guess your post is an awakening for me too.. :)
    Thank you MG..!

  23. What is it about men and expiry dates?? Mine also the same...

    I like Dh to go to spmrkt with us, but I cannot tahan when he goes to wet mkt with me. He always rushes me and makes me forget to buy certain things!

    Good idea about going round in 2 trolleys. Most of the time I am carrying my boy (the aisles are a giant playland for him and no way am I letting him loose to run around!!) and dh is with my girl and the trolley. And they will sure end up buying unnecessary stuff because of free sampling!!

  24. lydia, he used to open doors for me before the kids but now he's too busy struggling with the grocery packets I suppose. Hahaha.

    mama bok, sama-sama.

    kc, If I carry my boy, got not enough arms to do shopping.

  25. Hey MG, Mr MG sounds so like my DH. I am actually clueless when it comes to grocery shopping. Inspite of having a maid he still does it.

  26. haha, shiaulin is the one with the list what need to top up in house. i am the one pushing trolley with son...if i know certain items in the list then i will go for it..or else i will bring my son to check out liang-nui, looking for new biscuit / juice / beer / yogult / milk / icecream...kekekeke
    probably buying 'none-essential' items kekekeke

  27. a&a'smom, hehe at least I'm not clueless. :PpP

    leecs, hey! You get to do the fun part! ;)


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