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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My 5 Childhood Memories That Relate To Food

I got tagged by Ai Lian from Tips and Tricks to Happy Parenting blog. I'm normally lazy to do memes but since I'm on a semi-diet might as well blog about food. Anyway, here's my 5 childhood memories that relate to food.

Durians the King of Fruits! I remember me and my siblings crowding around dad, each with a cold glass of water, eagerly anticipating the fruits of his labour. And mind you, opening a durian fruit is hard labour indeed. Haha! Dad would boast of his durian cracking skill. He would arm himself with lots of newspapers, a cleaver and his boots. He'd bang on the top to flatten some of the thorns first, push the cleaver at a certain line/point, then stand up and stomp on the durian. No joke! Nowadays durian are sold in plastic containers at supermarkets. Takes half the fun out of eating it. After devouring the durians (we sat on the floor to eat), we would each take a portion of the shell to fill up with water to wash our mouth and hands with. I swear it takes the smell off a lot better than soap!

Prawn Fritters, my all time favourite. I love prawn fritters from a very young age. I remember dad would take me everywhere to find the perfect prawn fritter and at last we did, at a chinese restaurant in Kuantan where dad was posted then. He would take me there frequently just so I could enjoy my prawn fritters. Ah.... a father's love is sometimes shown through food. Now I'm busy trying to convert my whole family to become prawn fritter lovers so that I can make and eat it more frequently. Hehe.

Keropok Lekor. We stayed in the East Coast of Malaysia for a while, hence the enjoyment of this type of keropok. I remember enjoying it with my siblings whenever we finished our swim at the public swimming pool. (My second sis was the one who taught me how to swim. She also taught me how to ride a bicycle, patiently pushing me up and down the back lane of our house.) Ravenous after a swim, the keropok lekor tasted marvelous dipped in a some chilli sauce.

Shrimp wanton soup. This one is related to my memory of travelling back to our hometown Penang to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Back then, our journey took almost 10 hours! We were happy to stop for a stretch of legs to enjoy the shrimp wanton soup and noodles in Bidor. Now the highways bypasses the restaurant so we don't go there anymore.

Ju Hu Char. (Not sure what this dish is called. Its sengkuang, carrots, shitake mushrooms, dried cuttlefish and meat, thinly shredded and stirfried). Must be eaten with a fresh bed of lettuce. This is another Chinese New Year related memory. Its one of our must have dishes. It brings back memories of warmth, laughter, excitement and that special feeling of festivity in the air.

Speaking of which its almost time for Deepavali and Hari Raya. Aren't we all lucky to get to feel the air of festivity for so many festivals all year round? I do feel lucky indeed.

This meme came from the following blogs (I noticed that they're mainly food bloggers blogging about places to eat/find good food. Haha. I'm not much of a food blogger so hopefully, I haven't killed the meme! ( I probably have by not passing the baton on to 5 others as required but who cares!)

Oswego Tea
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Tips and Tricks to Happy Parenting

I think I know of some people who love food and wouldn't mind writing about food on their blog but then not sure if they like being tagged so anyone who reads this and feels like taking up the meme, well..... just consider yourself tagged! And remember to let me know when you post your meme up so I can come and kay poh.


  1. shit! I guess I will be day-dreaming about during the rest of the day...

  2. Jiu-hu-char is one of my favourite too! eat it with a little bit of sambal belacan, nice!

  3. Ju Hu Char also CNY dish for my family. But we don't put the cuttlefish. So we call it BangKuang Char instead. Fantastic when eat with salad leaf.

    Keropok lekur - sometimes sold at the Chow Yang pasarmalam. Didn't know it existed until much later in life. But once found it, yum yum.... slurp (drooling).

    And yes, durians of course. Mom decided to plant a D24 in her garden. Started fruiting the year I gave birth to Karina. We waited almost 10 years to eat it's fruit. Now mom declares she has the best durians in the world. I agree only when she "tapau"s for me to eat. hehehe. And I agree with you that washing up with the "durian shell water" works.

  4. Everything also I like, except the durin (indifferent).

    Yu Hu Char, you know how to make or not? Can teach? Baby can eat?

  5. I got more than 5! all from my dad's bakery, will blog aboout it, but after the finished the tag egghead tag me first.

  6. Yahor, I forget to put my joohoochar recipe online hor? Wait I go do a step by step one.

  7. egghead, sorry lor... hehehe

    dg, ah... sambal belachan. I can just eat with rice, cucumber and salted fish. delicious!

    Ai Lian, wow, you've got your own durian tree in your mum's garden. thats lovely. you should take some pics and blog it. ;)

    zara's mama, there you go. you can wait for 5Xmom's step by step recipe. She will post mouthwatering pics too. Yummy! Not suitable for babies, need teeth to bite.

    maria, I still owe you and egghead a tag each. hahahah.

    5Xmom, When? When? I like to put the ju hu char on the lettuce and wrap it around to eat. Is that the authentic way to eat ar?

  8. hmm..Durian is my favourite too unfortunately hubby don't fancy much, sometimes I have to eat alone, no fun.

    Love the idea of eating together on the floor. :P when bb was 1y old I already curi curi fed him durian,huh luckily he loves it. Now I got buddy already.

  9. Mr MG oso donch like durian so I don't get to eat. Last time when pregnant dat time, I told him eat durian good. Hehe. But after eating, I got sick, then dare not eat as well! :PpP

  10. yum yum...i only knew joo hoo char after I got to know my hubby...Hey, I love keropok lekor too..never miss to buy a pack everytime i pass by the stall when I was schooling hehe

  11. Jew hoo char is a must-have during my family CNY Eve Reunion Dinner. I didn't use to go into the kitchen when my mom was alive. Too stressful 'coz she would nag me, correct me, etc. So when she was gone, I had to make jew hoo char from memory. Not bad also lah...

  12. jazzmint, your hubby penang lang ar? ;)

    min, its a must have for mine too. I learned how to make it from my aunts. Now I cook it for my family at our own small reunion. :)

  13. yummy yummy... i love to cook and love to eat too, maybe i will blog about it but dunno when lar.. haha.. (me also got tagged by egghead and gonna do that 1st)


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