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Monday, October 03, 2005

Nice clothes are for thin people only (*pouts*)

Went shopping during the weekend and could only look at all those pretty clothes made for thin people. Bleargh! Tried some but they're oh so boring! I hate it! I hate shopping when I'm overweight. Clothes for fat people are sooooo boring. I'm tired of wearing jeans and shirts all the time but nothing else looks nice.

I just have to lose weight so that I can wear body hugging outfits again.

So I'm gonna have a new resolution to lose weight today. Its not the New Year but who says resolutions are for New Year only? Anyway I don't make New Year resolutions.

I'm 25 pounds overweight. I'm stuck. I'm not losing the weight. I've never been fat for most of my life but after the kids, my weight got stuck up there. Its probably due to my age and too sedentary lifestyle. So as of today, I'm going to:
  • exercise at least 20 mins daily (except Sat)
  • eat more vegetables and less meat and rice/noodles
  • drink more water and home made natural fruit juices and avoid soft drinks
  • stop eating my kids' leftovers
  • stop sharing buns, cakes, chocolates and ice-cream with the kids

Ok. Thats for a start. As of today. I'm between 133- 135 pounds. There! Now its public. Can't back off from my resolution now. Thats the purpose. I need some motivation.

Please people, motivate me, share tips with me, or join me. I shall be reporting my progress from time to time.


  1. I know what you mean, I get that from my friends all the time, too. The shops here just don't cater for the general public, y'know? Not everyone have wisp-like frames like the so-called models on the cover of mags - i think ordinary is beautiful!

  2. whao...you openly publish your plan? I quiet- quiet do only, I want to achieve what Miche has done...
    go go go...sama-sama hehehe...

    But seriously lor, eating the left over food from kids and hubby, and sharing foods with them really contribute a lot to my weight too.

  3. 1. quickly go buy an aerobic vcd. it works...believe me, i tried it.
    2. go low on carbohidrate...if possible try not to take for 3 weeks...sure can reduced 3-5kg.
    3. eat small portion but frequent. like every 4 hours. when i say small, i mean VERY small. :D
    4. for the tummy, do sit up / crunches. u can do this while playing with your children. lie down, let one of them sit on your leg, lift the leg up and bring him/her forward and backward.

    tell me if it works with you. :D

  4. wei, what is wrong with t-shirt and jeans? I love it, been wearing it from school time, will love it forever.

  5. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Nothing fits me and I have to hide behind big Tees and my same old jeans. If it's any consolation, I am much heavier than you :( That's why whenever I feel too lazy to go to the gym, I open my cupboard and look at my LARGE clothes - that will send me off in a hurry! ;)

  6. gambate!!
    while I am working on my "get-fat-quick" plan pulak :P

    any pointers??

  7. jeremy, some of the wisp like frames are a bit overdone don't you think? take away the clothing and I think you'll find just skin over bones. hehe. so says Miss Sourgrapes.

    maria, we have to stop being "tong sampah" for the whole family. I must admit sometimes I eat the kids food when I'm feeding them so it'll get finished faster! hahaha.
    t-shirts and jeans are nice oso but I just want to wear a dress for a change like the good old times which wasn't that long ago.

    miche, wow. you work so hard. no pain no gain huh? Thanks for the tips.

    bkworm, I think I'll go look at the large clothes in my cupboard now. ;)

    egghead, "get fat quick" very easy one. Just eat, eat, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep. Hehehe.

  8. eh, wrong info...eat every 2-3 hours not 4...and stop eating 4 hours b4 bedtime. if possible, don't nap in the afternoon.

    hey maria, i am far from perfect...still crawling there. hehehe.

  9. Hehe, I want to join you! I hate going in to fitting room with the current weight. I am currently about the wieght like you, pre-pregnant was 100 - 110 pounds only.

    OK, let's make it before the Chinese New Year! :P

    P/S: Lose weight not only for new cloths but for all the pre-pregnant cloths!

  10. i think culprit's eating kids' leftover... i tell myself i'm not gonna be walloping Ivan's leftover next time... now never wallap also a bit overweight liao, if eat his leftover die-lah *cross fingers hope Ivan spare me from his leftover food*

  11. miche, wah. so banyak rules and regulations.

    jefferene. Howdy pardner. Yeah! I found a weight loss partner liao. My pre-pregnancy weight also around 110-115 and till now cannot fit into my old clothes. If reduce weight, no need to buy new clothes suddenly will have lots of old clothes to wear. So how shall we do it? You blog also lah, then every now and then we jog down progress. With our buddy lose weight system, hopefully by CNY can wear Cheongsum. Hahaha.

    sue, Ya lor, must stop behaving like leftover food dispenser. Maybe if we make very little food for ourselves when we eat the kids leftovers it becomes a complete meal. :P

  12. eat fruits! =) they keep you full and you don't put on weight that easy.

  13. gambatte ne! am sure you will lose the unwanted pounds soon. Don't eat heavy dinner cause night time not much activity except... heheheh... and that's good exercise too you know, helps burn the colories.

  14. michelle, i wonder do certain sweet foods and higher calorie ones like banana make you fat?

    dg, that kind of exercise can do in the morning too or any time of the day. hehehe.

  15. I meant are certain fruits like mango, durian and banana fattening?

  16. Yeah I agree with Michelle, hehehe. Go on vege and fruits diet. My friends did that and it helps. Lunch on vege and fruits. Dinner is normal. Result is slow but it did reduce. Of coz no durian lah!

  17. Hi. just to tell you that i added you to my blogroll.

    Casa Del bambino.

  18. wow...kam fei resolution..I need that too, same thing, I'm trying to shed my final 4kg!! Signed up for gym, but no motivation to go...how to keep motivated huh...the only thing I do is walking 500m carrying a laptop everyday..Still trying hard to wake up on weekends and go gym.

  19. michelle, I thot the other michelle was you! hehe. I'm still breastfeeding and a breastfeeding mum must always eat a balanced diet to make sure she produces the best milk so I guess I won't go on any special diet, will just eat less of everything to make sure I still get all the necessary nutrients lah. Sobs! Kenot eat durian.

    cheayee, Hi! You're faster than me. I was going to add you after reading Lilian's intro of your blog in Mom's Daily.

    jazzmint, how about carrying the laptop up and down staircases. hahaha. you only got 4 kg to go, not so bad lah, I've got 10kg :(

  20. since you are breast feeding, it is hard to lose weight. if u stop breast feeding, u can start to choose wat to eat and not to eat.

    at this moment, just eat moderately. you and your baby's health more important than you being thin and fitting on those body hugging clothes.

    btw, your weight are not that bad.

  21. MG, I came across this from Dumex forum sometime ago..only do this for breakfast, the rest of the day, u can eat anything. But nothing between meals. 1. Eat 2 parts of vegitables with 1 part of local fruit, blend it if u want. 2. Steam Japanese sweet potatoes,drink a glass of soya milk brown rice beverages. Done! I tried, at least I didn't gain more weight.

  22. poulette, thats why I've waited till now. Now my "baby" is 1 1/2 years old and taking lots of solid foods, it is not so crucial anymore to have best quality breastmilk for him but of course I will always still be mindful about what I eat. I will eat sensibly and no crash diets for me, nosiree. Thanks. :)

    allyfeel, Wah, such a lot of work for breakfast! Maybe I'll lose some calories preparing it. Haha.

  23. hello, got here from sentraal station. i hear ur plight on motivation on losing weight.

    i started the South Beach Diet a month ago and i have lost 15lbs already.

    i even blog about it as all the blogger friends are curious to see my progress.

    buy the book if you want. with much discipline, sure can do punya!


  24. hi ely, I dare not go on such a drastic lose 15lbs in a month diet while breastfeeding but I will certainly hop over to your blog to read your success story for motivation. thanks.

  25. Good on you! And yes, high-calorie fruits like Banana, Mangoes and Durians are fattening. Change your bread to whole meal. And eat only whole meal bread for breakfast. You can also eat wholmeal bread at dinner, in place of rice. That will help a lot. :)

    If only I can stick to it! Hehheh...

  26. James, wholemeal bread in place of rice for dinner sounds like a good idea. You should try to stick to it too. Losing weight not only for beauty's sake but very much for fitness and health. We'll get a host of health problems when overweight buden, you where got overweight leh..

  27. I got good idea is go have a walk about half an hour per day. I think i lose my weight because i walk with my son to his nursery everyday except saturday and sunday. It work ler i lose about 2-3 kgs in 2 month, now i keep my weight at 43kgs, 1+2dad hope i still drop my weight but i think this is a nice figure.

  28. MG, wishing u all the best in ur weight loss journey! Been there & know exactly what u r saying.After losing 50lbs in 3 yrs , I can now wear those tight clothes & look good in them. U want motivation let me know ya.

  29. 1+2mom, yah. that makes sense. You're getting 30 mins exercise daily.

    a&a'smom, you are my inspiration!

  30. Wah, you already start a health freak club ha? I had been busy these few days so missed this thread. I want to join! I started jogging/outdoor gym thingy and shite, I put on 4 pounds instead of losing them. But my thighs got thinner liao. Go figure. Must be muscles.

  31. You want to join? Can! Just pay registration fees of RM50 and I show you how to lose 15kg in 2 weeks then we talk about the rest of the fees later. hehe. sound like those crazed slimming ads or not?

  32. talk about losing weight ar, eat less rice and noodle or bread, better still don't eat rice at night! stuff urself with more vege or even lean meat also can. it's work.

  33. shiaulin, welcome back! And thanks for the tip. :)


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