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Monday, October 03, 2005

Nice clothes are for thin people only (*pouts*)

Went shopping during the weekend and could only look at all those pretty clothes made for thin people. Bleargh! Tried some but they're oh so boring! I hate it! I hate shopping when I'm overweight. Clothes for fat people are sooooo boring. I'm tired of wearing jeans and shirts all the time but nothing else looks nice.

I just have to lose weight so that I can wear body hugging outfits again.

So I'm gonna have a new resolution to lose weight today. Its not the New Year but who says resolutions are for New Year only? Anyway I don't make New Year resolutions.

I'm 25 pounds overweight. I'm stuck. I'm not losing the weight. I've never been fat for most of my life but after the kids, my weight got stuck up there. Its probably due to my age and too sedentary lifestyle. So as of today, I'm going to:
  • exercise at least 20 mins daily (except Sat)
  • eat more vegetables and less meat and rice/noodles
  • drink more water and home made natural fruit juices and avoid soft drinks
  • stop eating my kids' leftovers
  • stop sharing buns, cakes, chocolates and ice-cream with the kids

Ok. Thats for a start. As of today. I'm between 133- 135 pounds. There! Now its public. Can't back off from my resolution now. Thats the purpose. I need some motivation.

Please people, motivate me, share tips with me, or join me. I shall be reporting my progress from time to time.

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