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Friday, July 14, 2006

Blogging is no longer fun

There are many things going on in my personal life right now. Important milestones as well as little developments and sweet moments which I want to record and remember but I sit here and think hard "Should I be revealing this? Should I be writing about that? What if........?" Geesh! I think the previous incident hit me harder than I thought.

This is hard. Blogging is no fun when you have to think so hard about what and if you should write about certain events. Previously the words just flowed and flowed. Now, I have to stop and ponder and think so hard. Aaarrgggh!

I think I'll have to extend my coffee break and think further about whether I need to change my writing style and write about things more general and impersonal instead. Ok, I'm off now even though I've got about a dozen blog posts stuck somewhere inside my head unwritten and perhaps never to be published.

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