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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Blog Coffee Break

This blog is taking a short break. Nothing to do with the recent incident accept for the timing. I'm just preoccupied with other more important things, that is all. However, to satisfy my urge to write, I will still be updating my other blog. Hehe.

Will be back soon....


  1. don't keep us hanging for too long!

  2. I still like this more than the other blog b'cos this is more personal and the other more general.

  3. You also busy like Twinsmom now? :P
    Coffee break shouldn't take too long ya....LOL

  4. See ya soon..!

  5. Will miss reading ur post. Be back soon, ok?

  6. Oh, yah, I just had coffee and donut with MG LOL.

  7. eh, the above message was me :P.

  8. egghead,
    Well, the last time my blog went into hibernation, it was for about 1 1/2 months but this one coffee break only. Hehe.

    I'm not going anywhere. I will still be around your blog. Lol!

    zara'a mama,
    I'm glad you can tell the difference. This is supposed to be my personal blog, the other is more general. No ongoing updates there.

    Maybe after coffee break, I'm back to blogging in the afternoon. Hahaha!

    mama bok,
    See ya!

    I blog less so I have more time to read yours. :)

    Coffee on you, doughnuts on me. Hehe.

  9. dont take too many coffee breaks as coffee too much not good for health!

  10. MG, just read about the plagiarizing fiasco. I'm sorry you have to go through this. It boggles the mind why anyone would want to do this but I think you've done the right thing by not holding a grudge against Evelyn.

    Since you like to write, I doubt if your coffee break will be that loonnngg... Remember I went through the self-induced coma but in a fortnight, I bounced back oredi. Take care.

  11. wah, pakat with maria on blog holiday? :) I guess i missed all the frenzy from last week. I was on blog holiday..hehe. Hope to see u on this blog soon!

  12. a&a'smom,
    Actually I don't take coffee since it gives me bad gastric but my blog can take coffee. Hehe.

    You're right. I probably won't be long. Hahaha.

    You came back on blog holiday just in time to see us go on blog holiday. Lol!

  13. hope you n maria will be back soon.
    Anyway, i guess the experience reminds us not to trust blogs 100%. I realized that when i found out 1 of a prominant bloggers blog about stuffs that are not quite true....the stories are make-believe....i dunno la but someone warn me about it. So just becareful! hugs!

  14. darn it, the times i dont drop by, something bad happens n i cant fight n tumbuk the offender...cis bedebah betui! anyway, come back soon...

  15. Yeah, come back soon..... don't take too long..... :)

    anyway, you and your blog deserve a good coffee break. Enjoy!! :)

  16. Aiks, I'm back from my Kit Kat break and now you go for coffee break pula...:)

  17. fashionasia,
    Yes, don't believe everything you read. For all you know, maybe I'm not really a mum of two but a single man. Hahaha.

    Lol! Jangan marah ya?

    Maybe after my coffee break, I'll have a nasi lemak break....

    I'm not really having a real break from blogging. Still blogging on my other blog. :P

  18. Aiya..just drop by and you are having coffee break. Faster come back, ok? Don't let me waiting!!

  19. err.. can i come and share your coffee break? I need one too.

  20. khongfamily,
    I'm getting lazy......

    Anytime. :)

  21. been here last week, and was surprised of this plagarism thing that evelyn did.

    forgive n forget? forgive, may be yes.. forget? well, i think that she has permanently damage u.

    so soli...


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