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Shopee Ramadan Sale

Monday, July 24, 2006

Toys - His Favourite Her Favourite

To each his own. The children both have their own favourite play items/toys.

His favourites:

  • Cars
  • Cup and spoon - to pretend that he's eating
  • Ducks

Her favourites:

  • Numbers - foam numbers especially numbers 3 and 4 because she just turned 4 from 3
  • Numbers
  • Numbers

Although they each have their own favourites, they still like to snatch from each other instead of taking turns. Their favourites often accompany them to bed.

The adults both have their favourite toys too.

His favourite:

  • The PC - for catching up with news and playing games

Her favourite:

  • The PC - for catching up with news and blogging

Luckily he works and she doesn't so they take turns automatically. She during the day and he at night and during the weekends. Otherwise they too will be snatching like the kids instead of sharing and taking turns.

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