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Monday, July 31, 2006

How to make your child brush teeth, take a bath or stay in bed

Make everything fun! Thats my strategy to get the kids to brush their teeth, take a bath or go to sleep. So far its worked out quite well. So I'd like to share it here:

MG's Tips on how to get kids to brush their teeth
  • introduce them to the concept using videos and interactive play. You can get some of the links to those interactive site and songs from my old post on "My kids love to brush teeth!"
  • make funny faces together with them in the mirror. We like to go "Eeeeee" and "Aaaaahh" together
  • brush your teeth together with them. Everything done together in a group is always fun especially if mum is involved. So the 3 of us (me, my girl and my boy) will brush our teeth together most of the time.

So far these strategies have worked and they always come when I yell to them "Time to brush teeth". Sometimes they even insist they want to brush teeth before I can call out to them. Hahaha. The idea is to make them look forward to the activity

MG's Tips on how to get the kids to take a bath

  • allow them to play with fun toys during bathtime. The kids yearn to have a bath in the baby tub as they love to see their toys floating around. I also use little pails (the ones you bring to the seaside) and let them pour water from one pail to another. Then there's the watering can and their little toy cups. These bathtoys are usually quite cheap too. Bathtime is the only time they get to play with water. And playing with water is always fun for little ones so they look forward to bathtime

Just as for brushing teeth, I don't have to call to them repeatedly to take a bath. They usually request for it. Lol!

MG's Tips on how to get the kids to go to sleep and stay in bed

  • first I let them sweat it out and get a little uncomfortable
  • then its time to clean up, brush teeth, wash little faces and change into comfy pyjamas
  • then I make their bedrooms as comfortable and cool as possible
  • then its time to snuggle up for some reading, singing and story telling sessions

With such a routine, bedtime becomes irresistable to them. They look forward to going to bed so no problems for me there as well. I relax together with them and then fall asleep together with them.

Tips on how to get the kids to eat their meals

For sharing all the above with y'all, now WILL SOMEONE KINDLY SHARE WITH ME THEIR TIPS TO GET THEIR KIDS TO EAT THEIR MEALS? (Apart from making fun looking foods that is. I've tried that before and it requires too much effort!). I fail miserably here :( Help, anyone?

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