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Friday, June 08, 2007

The Best Toys

The Best Toys are cheap
and some of your time

The Best Toys are funny
and lots of imagination

The Best Toys are interactive
and loads of attention

The Best Toys are fun
and full of creativity

The Best Toys are you
and mummy, daddy and baby

The kids just love these origami ice cream cones we made. They use it to "paint" the wall in various colours, feed their toys and of course themselves. Lol! Its cheap, its fun, its interactive, its funny (to me watching the ways they come up with to play with them) and of course they need me to help them fold it and thats the most fun part of all to them (having me pay attention to them and spend time playing with them).

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  1. Hello- we are doing a soda fountain theme day at our local museum- I saw the pictures of your origami ice cream and fell in love. Where can I find directions for this craft so we can do it with our kids?


  2. Hello Nikkie,
    You won't be able to find the instructions online since I got it from an old origami book. When is your soda fountain theme day? If you like, (and if its not too late) I can post a step by step instruction with pictures for you. :)

  3. Hey there Nikkie,
    I've posted my step by step instructions in my latest blog post. Check it out! I hope the kids enjoy it.


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