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Friday, June 08, 2007

I love hosting local ads on my site

I enjoy hosting local ads on my site. Every weekend I look forward to checking which company, product or service is going to be advertised on my site. Take for example this week, I am so pleased to have MPH my favourite bookstore advertising on my blog.

Its fun to see the latest promotions etc being delivered right to my blogstep. I must admit that usually, I'm the first one to go and check out the promotions or sites being advertised. Hahaha. Unlike adsense, I won't be penalised for clicking on those ads so I would definitely click to find out more.

I don't care very much about the local ads war. At the moment I've just signed up for Nuffnang because they are the first I came to know about. It seems strange to sign up for both so I'm sticking to just one for the time being. I have no complaints so far accept that the price it fetches for me is a bit low.

So which side are you on in the ad war?


  1. Me .. no sides.. coz' they donch want canadian bloggers.. :(


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