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Friday, June 08, 2007

Homemade Father's Day Card using Sponge and Finger Painting

Father's Day is approaching. Its a craft opportunity time! So we sat down and did some sponge and finger painting. My boy who is 3 was not very interested in doing the crafts. He kept on saying "Wait first" preferring to play with his toys instead but my girl who is 5 loves it. We did a card each for both of them and we ended up designing both sides of both cards. Phew!

My girl started with the inside of her card. She drew her daddy and she said she wanted to put some heart shape patterns on it. So I cut out some heart shaped sponge and got her to paint with those.

Then I showed my boy how to paint some flowers with his fingers. I painted some yellow ones with mine. He wasn't interested. So my girl painted on his behalf instead. She painted a row of red ones and said they were roses. She said mine were sunflowers.

After that she wanted to finger paint the front of her card. She got carried away playing and smearing her fingers and her card with paint. I reminded her not to make her card "ugly" by playing too much and she cried! Oh dear, bad mommy should not have made such an insensitive remark. She felt so bad thinking that her daddy would not like the card she made for him. (I forgot that kids are sensitive creatures and should be encouraged with positive remarks not negative ones.) So I hurriedly got her to sponge paint more hearts on the front of her card and she was happy again. She said "Daddy will be happy with so many hearts I give him."

We finished up by hand painting the front of the other card to compare their handprints with last year's Father's Day card to see how much they've grown. After we finished the craft they cleaned up by throwing the sponges and newspapers away but the best part which they enjoyed the most was washing their hands, the brushes and the paint pallete and watching the way the paint came off in the water and became other colours when they mixed it around. Lol!

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  1. wei i hope i can ask my son to do this but he will wallop the paint.Maybe next year.

  2. sasha,
    You just paint paint his hands then press them on paper loh then faster faster wash. Haha.

  3. Ooo... I like the row of finger-painted flower! Very nice! Will have to try that with my gal. She loves to finger paint! : )

  4. blur mommy,
    Its really easy too! Just one dot for the flower, two slashes for the leaves and a line for the stem. I think the one done by my girl (the red ones) look nicer than mine (the yellow ones). They're more natural looking. Mine look so stiff. Hahaha.

  5. you have just given me an idea on what to do with the boys this weekend. I am hopeless in art and creative stuff. Tks.

  6. I definitely gotta salute you .. MG.. for doing all these with your kids.. ;) I donch seems to have anytime for craftwork with chloe.. at all. :(
    Daddy would be real please.. i'm sure.. ;) so many hearts .. eh.. ;)

  7. I must say it is unfortunate that your son's art is much better than mine. Anyways, I think your blog is pretty awesome. I'd be glad to offer you one of my awesome, super soft Geekfitters.com shirts in exchange for a link. Go here for details or email me.


    Chris Geek

  8. haha... guess i am too old for those...

  9. zewt,
    You're never too old. Do one for a girlfriend and she'll remember it and you for life. Hehe.

  10. I owes admire people who can do art with their kids. Myself, I give Fatty Boy paint brush and ask him now help mama paint the kitchen wall, he and I are both not artistic. Thank God for clip art otherwise dad got no card liao.

  11. firehorse,
    No need to be artistic one. Just look around the internet and you get a host of ideas. Or put on your thinking cap and think hard to those arts and craft you used to do in primary school.


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