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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Worst of Enemies, The Best of Friends

Thats my two kiddoes, thats who! They are constantly fighting and quarrelling. They push each other, scold each other, snatch toys etc. Their constant quibbling is driving me crazy. (Quibble means argue over petty things, yes thats what they do.)

But then........., as soon as I raise my voice or my hand suddenly they will become a loving pair of brother and sister as they run to each other and hug each other. Its really hilarious.

Ah siblings, how they hate each other and love each other. This love/hate relationship will continue for the rest of their lives. I just hope that its more love than hate. Hopefully, I can help to stir them towards the direction of love.

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  1. Dont worry...kids would fight but still good friends..unlike adult..Kids are forgiving..

  2. Exactly my hopes for A&A!

  3. chanelwong,
    I'm not worried about their fighting, I'm worried about getting more white hair. Haha.

    I hope our wish comes true yah. I know siblings who don't get along and thats sad especially when they played together when they were kids.

  4. I can fully understand. My 2 kids snatch toys too. Why is it that the toy seems more fun when it is won through snatching.

  5. ricket,
    After its won, it loses its magic in the next instance. Haha.


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