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Monday, September 10, 2007

Paper Lantern Craft for Lantern Festival

The kids have been pestering me to get them lanterns for the lantern festival, mooncake festival or mid autumn festival whatever it is that you want to call it.

When they were young, I was very excited and would get them lanterns to play with early on. Some of the lanterns were battery operated and it would play loud annoying music till I couldn't stand it anymore and put tape over it.

As they grew older, we got them the real thing ie lanterns lit up by real candles but they could only play with those on the actual day of the festival. We will do that this year too. So no, we're not buying them lanterns yet, no matter how hard they pester.

We make them paper lanterns instead. As usual here is a step-by-step picture guide of how to make your own paper lanters. Its really easy.

Firstly, you will need coloured paper, glue and scissors.

Secondly, cut the coloured paper into A4 paper size.

Thirdly, fold the A4 paper into half horizontally and draw lines as show, then cut along the lines.

Lastly, open up the paper and glue all along one edge to join the lantern together.

Use leftover paper to glue handles on and decorate as you wish.

We used stickers to stick decorations on and we made several lanterns to decorate the room for a more festive atmosphere. You can use anything to decorate. Glitter glue, ribbons or make your own "tail" for the paper lantern using leftover paper. Mix and match your colours etc but remember....... don't use a real candle!!!!

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