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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

But my teacher said...

Teacher's words are really powerful. They are seen as figures of authority by the little ones and they really listen to them. Sometimes when faced with a choice they would pick what teacher said rather than what mummy and daddy said.

How often have you heard this phrase "But my teacher said...." Well, I hear it quite often.

"But my teacher said we shouldn't do this."
"But my teacher said we must not eat this."
"But my teacher said we should write it this way!"
"But my teacher said we have to do this."

Well, I'm happy with my girl's preschool teachers. She loves them though I don't think she respects them enough.

With teachers being such an important person in our child's life, its ok now at preschool but what about later. I worry about what sort of teacher's our kids will have later on. The too lepak kebangsaan school teachers or the overly strict chinese school teachers. Why does it have to be so extreme? Why can't there be an in between? No doubt we parents are our kids most important teachers in life but it does not lessen the importance of the teachers she will face in school. Worry worry worry. I worry about everything. Lol!


  1. dont worry...I am a worry freak too! :P

  2. My daughter worries too, sometimes I worries that she worries too much.

  3. ling,
    "Worry" is part of the portfolio of being a parent, I guess.

    Oh yes, it would be worrying that they are worrying at such a young age. Oh, there I go again worrying. Lol!

  4. We all starts worrying the day our child is born, don't we? :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! :)

  5. A little worry is good, but not too much. Take it easy and enjoy your parenting times. It'll be our 'long life contract'!

  6. At this age, Ian already use teacher as an excuse. Sometimes he said it because he heard it wrong, but sometimes he made up.

    For example, when he pronounced a Chinese word wrongly (e.g. Dou is read as Gou), when I tried to correct him, he would say "But teacher Lee said God!". It is hard to me to tell him Teacher Lee is wrong, and in fact most of the time is him who listened wrongly.

    So, I have to make him ask the teacher carefully, which he usually refused to. Not sure if he is just too shy or he doesn't want to admit his own mistake. LOL!

    But it is certainly difficult to manage this situation. At age of 2 already trusting teacher more than us, what about when he is older? Apart from teachers, there would be peers influence as well... A lot for us to worry. :)

  7. You are so right, worry is part of the portfolio of a mother. I'm sure you would be able to make them understand that mothers are good teachers too.

  8. blurblur,
    Yes, right from the time we get pregnant.

    Haha. Ian is smart.

    They think that mother only teach them when they are young, after that teacher teach. Lol!


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